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The Republicans 2020
The Lincoln Project
What Is QAnon: Explaining the Internet Conspiracy Theory
The 45th President of the U.S.

28 January
Scoop: GOP ignored its early fears about Marjorie Taylor Greene
(Axios) During previously unreported meetings last summer, House Republican leaders discussed — but then largely set aside — fears that QAnon-supporting conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene would end up a flaming trainwreck for their party.
Why it matters: Greene has emerged not just as an embarrassment but a challenge for the GOP, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy now forced to weigh whether to maintain his policy of sanctioning members who make dangerous statements. The Mischief Makers

27 January
POLITICO Playbook: McConnell retreats as Trump dominates the GOP civil war
Republicans are mired in a debate about the past: what to do about DONALD TRUMP. The all-consuming conversation about this single political actor is eclipsing everything else on the right: policy debates, political strategy, the advancement of fresh faces.
The spate of threatened primary challenges ripping the party apart are uniformly about loyalty to Trump. The state-level intra-party spats that have made headlines in Arizona, Kentucky and Oregon are not about raising up the best political strategists to steer the local parties forward; they are about condemning Republicans who have criticized Trump.
Most Republicans have moved on from their brief moment of reflection about why Jan. 6 happened and replaced those concerns with fears about the left using the event to crush anyone who ever supported Trump. Exhibit A, in their view, is Big Tech’s deplatforming campaign, and Exhibit B is impeachment.
McConnell was quickly drowned out by the same populist forces that have convulsed America — and that he has struggled to control — for five years.

The GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene problem is spinning out of control
Now that Greene is in Congress, the situation has spun further out of control for the GOP, with a steady stream of revelations about her extreme views and advocacy for fringe causes and baseless claims. That stream combined with Greene’s puzzling defense of herself should make Republicans wonder how long they can put up with this.

23 January
Heather Cox Richardson: The attempt of Trump and his supporters to overturn our democracy has created a split in the Republican Party.
The business wing of today’s Republican Party has preserved its power with the votes of Trump supporters but appears to be eager to get back to a system based in the law rather than on a single temperamental leader. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is under enormous pressure from business leaders who were appalled not only by Trump’s attack on the election but also by the Republican lawmakers who objected to the count of the certified electoral votes. Those business leaders want to purge the party of the Trump faction.
The trick for business Republicans will be to see whether they can get rid of the authoritarian Trump supporters without enabling Democrats to rebuild the New Deal state the Republicans have just spent decades gutting. Hence McConnell’s desperate ploy to get the Democrats to promise not to touch the filibuster, which enables the Republicans to block virtually all Democratic legislation.
Republicans Have Decided Not to Rethink Anything
By Jonathan Chait
…instead of a Glasnost for the Republican party, the days after January 6 seem instead to be a Prague Spring — a brief flowering of dissent and questioning of dogma quickly suppressed by a remorseless crackdown. The heady predictions that the party would break free of the Trumpist grip already seem fanciful. If anybody is suffering repercussions for their response to Trump’s autogolpe, it is the Republicans who criticized it.
21 January
The Lincoln Project co-founder says post-Trump he’s going after Cruz
(The Hill) “We all know Ted Cruz is sort of a political force of nature. He is what he is. You either hate him or you hate him,” Wilson said. “And he is a guy who went so far over the edge, not just to appease Donald Trump and Trump’s base, but because he felt like [Sen.] Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) had gotten out ahead of him on it.”
“These guys have realized that this was a very, very bad move legally, politically, morally, constitutionally and so that’s why they are in a position right now where they are not out beating their chest and saying ‘I am the alpha male in inheritor to the MAGA fortunes,’ ” he added.
Wilson went on to predict that the intraparty dispute over Trump’s continued role in the Republican party would lead to the emergence of a third party, adding “I think the traditional Republican, economic, social and fiscal conservatism is basically dead.”
The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that the former president has talked to associates about the possibility of forming a right-wing populist third party.

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