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Subject: Burma: 100,000 dead

Dear friends,
Staggering new estimates suggest that 100,000 people may have died in Burma’s terrible cyclone. Incredibly, the corrupt and brutal Burmese government has stopped most international aid at the borders and is impeding the relief effort.
In under 24 hours, Avaaz members have donated over 690,000 Euros (over US$1 million – more than many governments!) to help Burma’s monks provide the emergency relief, through their own networks and monasteries, that the government will not. Scroll down to see the email sent yesterday with all the details of how we can help, or click here to help us get over 1 million Euros (US$1.54m) today:


Dear friends,
In the wake of a massive cyclone, a shocking 100,000 Burmese may be dead. More are missing. A million are homeless.
But what’s happening in Burma is not just a natural disaster–it’s also a catastrophe of bad leadership.
Burma’s brutal and corrupt military junta failed to warn the people, failed to evacuate any areas, and suppressed freedom of communication so that Burmese people didn’t know the storm was coming when the rest of the world did. Now the government is failing to respond to the disaster and obstructing international aid organizations.
Humanitarian relief is urgently needed, but Burma’s government could easily delay, divert or misuse any aid. Yesterday the International Burmese Monks Organization, including many leaders of the democracy protests last fall, launched a new effort to provide relief through Burma’s powerful grass roots network of monasteries–the most trusted institutions in the country and currently the only source of housing and support in many devastated communities. Click here to help the Burmese people with a donation and see a video appeal to Avaaz from a leader of the monks:
Giving to the monks is a smart, fast way to get aid directly to Burma’s people. Governments and international aid organizations are important, but face challenges–they may not be allowed into Burma, or they may be forced to provide aid according to the junta’s rules. And most will have to spend large amounts of money just setting up operations in the country. The monks are already on the front lines of the aid effort–housing, feeding, and supporting the victims of the cyclone since the day it struck. The International Burmese Monks Organization will send money directly to each monastery through their own networks, bypassing regime controls.
Last year, more than 800,000 of us around the world stood with the Burmese people as they rose up against the military dictatorship. The government lost no time then in dispatching its armies to ruthlessly crush the non-violent democracy movement–but now, as tens of thousands die, the junta’s response is slow and threatens to divert precious aid into the corrupt regime’s pockets.
The monks are unlikely to receive aid from governments or large humanitarian organizations, but they have a stronger presence and trust among the Burmese people than both. If we all chip in a little bit, we can help them to make a big difference.
With hope,
Ricken, Ben, Graziela, Paul, Iain, Veronique, Pascal, Galit and the whole Avaaz team

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