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Putin’s War Russia-Ukraine 22 August 2022 –

Four maps that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict Institute for the Study of War (ISW) 26 August Kemal Derviş: What are the West’s strategic goals in the Ukraine war? (Brookings) While the outcome of the fighting remains […]

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Space: the final frontier May 2021-

Hurricane Ian forces Nasa to shelter Artemis Moon rocket The American space agency is to pull its Artemis-I Moon rocket off the launch pad in Florida because of an approaching hurricane. Nasa says the Space Launch […]

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Multilateralism June 2022-

The Bretton Woods Project Multilateralism G20 Bali Summit Multilateralism needs an overhaul. Here’s where to start. By Yomna Gaafar (Atlantic Council) The UN General Assembly is gathering this week at a precarious time for multilateralism. Global […]

The Sovereign's coat of arms has evolved over many years and reflects the history of the Monarchy and of the country
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Britain, the Monarchy & the Commonwealth September 2022-

Spider cameo and Tindall’s medals – social media reacts to quirky side of funeral coverage Twitter users were less reverent than those at the Queen’s funeral, and had plenty of jokes and questions as the ceremony […]

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Global Governance and Globalization 2020-

Peter Zeihan: The Old World Order Is About To Collapse (Podcast) The world is changing faster than ever, and a lot of the countries, dynamics, peace treaties and structures we’re familiar with may be about to […]

Quebec elections 2022
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QCGN: 2022 Provincial Elections Projet de loi 96 sur la langue française 338Canada Quebec Comparez les plateformes éle ...
Wednesday Night #2115
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Shanah tovah and/or Happy Rosh Hashanah to all who are celebrating the start of year 5783! September 28th is World News ...
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12 most popular types of cryptocurrency Decoding Crypto: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Get Started By John Hyatt ...
Climate change, natural disasters March 2022-
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Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference – 6-18 November 2022  the International Disaster Charter website NASA A ...