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China: government and governance September 2022-

China 30 November-1 December No Exit From Zero COVID for Xi Jinping The death of a former leader, Jiang Zemin, is inconvenient for the Chinese Communist regime but unlikely to deter its crackdown on dissent. By […]

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Health & healthcare/ September 2019 –

Brookings Topic Page on Marijuana European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control World Health Organization (WHO) China: government and governance 2016-20 Stephen Colbert: Beware The Elderly Antifa! They’re old, and they’re coming for us all Study: […]

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Putin’s War Russia-Ukraine 21 October 2022 –

Four maps that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict Institute for the Study of War (ISW) More on Putin’s War Putin Wants Revenge Not Just on Ukraine But on the U.S. and Its Allies When Vladimir Putin declared […]

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U.S. primaries and mid-term elections 2022

Midterm Early Voting Statistics Arizona becomes epicenter of GOP challenges to 2022 election (The Hill) On Tuesday, Republican attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh took the latest step by filing a lawsuit challenging the results of his race, […]

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Global Governance and Globalization 2020-

Peter Zeihan: The Old World Order Is About To Collapse (Podcast) The world is changing faster than ever, and a lot of the countries, dynamics, peace treaties and structures we’re familiar with may be about to […]

Quebec Healthcare October 2022-
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Quebec health minister asks nurses to come back to help struggling health-care system He is calling on nurses to come an ...
Wednesday Night #2124
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For months we have been focused on international news of Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran, the looming energy crisis in Euro ...
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12 most popular types of cryptocurrency Decoding Crypto: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Get Started By John Hyatt ...
E is for espionage /4
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E is for espionage /3 The EU has a spy problem — here’s why it’s so difficult to catch them Faced with Rus ...