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U.S. government transition post 2020 election

Lawfare Equal We Are Not | Lawrence Lessig Senate races to prepare Biden’s national security team for confirmation, but some votes remain uncertain Senators plan to plow through a battery of hearings Tuesday for President-elect Joe […]

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White nationalism, populism, and domestic terrorism

The OK sign is becoming an alt-right symbol Heather Cox Richardson: January 16, 2021 Since right-wing insurrectionists stormed the Capitol on January 6 with the vague but violent idea of taking over the government, observers are […]

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Quebec 2020 –

Trois mois chez les complotistes québécois Notre bureau d’enquête a infiltré le mouvement conspirationniste et antimasque Jean Balthazard (Journal de Montréal) Inspirés par leur pendant américain, les complotistes d’ici ont réussi à récolter une petite fortune […]

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Coronavirus COVID-19 May 2020

Worldometer coronavirus Coronavirus COVID-19 Jan – April 2020 How 5 of History’s Worst Pandemics Finally Ended Pandemics That Changed History Our World in Data: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations Everything you need to know. By country. Updated daily. […]

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SCOTUS, Trump & the US courts May – November 2020

Lawfare See also: SCOTUS and the US courts 2017-18 SCOTUS, Trump & the US courts July 2018 – April 2020 William (Bill) Svelmoe’s brilliant series of suggestions on how to deal with Trump’s nomination of Judge […]

Canada – U.S.
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See also Canada-U.S. 2015-2017 USMCA (formerly known as NAFTA) 17 -18 January Kenney urges Biden to ‘show respect ...
Wednesday Night #2026
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I write in deep sorrow and shock that our friend and Wednesday Nighter Matthew Cope has died. Montreal journalist, scree ...
Trump administration: U.S. Economy 2019-20 Chapter IV
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Trump administration: U.S. Economy 2019 Chapter III 20-23 December Buried in Pandemic Aid Bill: Billions to Soothe the R ...