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Coronavirus COVID-19: February 2021-

Worldometer coronavirus Our World in Data: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations Everything you need to know. By country. Updated daily. INTERPOL issues global alert as fraudsters target governments with COVID-19 vaccine scams What is COVAX? Coronavirus COVID-19 Jan […]

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China geopolitical strategy June 2020 –

More on China What Is the ‘Quad’ and Should China Fear It? Russia and China’s plans for a new world order For Moscow and Beijing, the Ukraine crisis is part of a struggle to reduce American […]

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Health & healthcare/ September 2019 –

Brookings Topic Page on Marijuana European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control World Health Organization (WHO) China: government and governance 2016-20 Stephen Colbert: Beware The Elderly Antifa! They’re old, and they’re coming for us all Public […]

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China: government and governance 2020-

China: government and governance 2016-20 China October 2019 How Mainlanders Suffer abroad The very unique challenges that students and newly immigrated Mainland Chinese people suffer in the west… The culture shock of overseas mainlanders and why […]

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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan August-December 2021

Afghanistan April-August 2021 Taliban cracks down on more rights while demanding Western aid (WaPo) Even as they appeal to the world to release frozen humanitarian aid funds and bank accounts, Taliban officials are taking new actions […]

Quebec Healthcare June 2020-
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COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec Where are the Family Doctors? Mise en demeure As Quebec moves to ease COVID-19 restrictions, ...
Wednesday Night #2080
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Happy Birthday to Mark Roper OWN, Wednesday Night’s favorite MD and valiant warrior for improved conditions for me ...
Global economy November 2021-
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WORLD ECONOMIC OUTLOOK UPDATE Rising Caseloads, A Disrupted Recovery, and Higher Inflation The global economy enters 202 ...