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SNC-Lavalin 2019

Charges against SNC-Lavalin explained — and how the PMO allegedly got involved See also Wednesday Night #1927 w/ David Kilgour A closer look at SNC-Lavalin’s sometimes murky past Yves Boisvert: A deferred prosecution agreement is not […]

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Firearms, gun control and politics /2018 – 2019

Bloomberg Topics: Gun Control The Guardian: US gun control Mother Jones: Guns The NRA vs. America How the country’s biggest gun-rights group thwarts regulation and helps put military-grade weapons in the hands of killers Firearms, gun […]

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India 2016 – 2019

(Al Jazeera) Kashmir News India & China and more India and Pakistan 2019 14 August How sacrosanct is the ‘Idea of India’? Experts are divided about the legality and constitutional propriety of the August 5 decisions […]

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The Democrats/progressives 2019 II

The Democrats/progressives 2018 The Democrats/progressives 2019 I Check out the Democratic field with our candidate tracker. Introducing the Post Pundit 2020 Power Ranking. Tom Toles/The Washington Post The Issues The most comprehensive guide anywhere to the […]

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Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel

See also The Russia probe 24 July Mueller’s Testimony: The Baton Passes to Congress By Scott R. Anderson, Hadley Baker, Mikhaila Fogel, Susan Hennessey, Quinta Jurecic, Vishnu Kannan, Eugenia Lostri, David Priess, Margaret Taylor, Benjamin Wittes […]

Canada Politics 2019 elections
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Canada: government & governance 2019 Opinion polling for the 43rd Canadian federal election Saying climate change is ...
Wednesday Night #1952
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It is a delight  to welcome Tyler Meredith this Wednesday after a long absence. We have not seen Tyler since he left IR ...
Trump administration: U.S. Economy 2019 Chapter III
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How The Finance Prof Who Discovered The ‘Inverted Yield Curve’ Explains It To Grandma (Forbes) Good communic ...