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China geopolitical strategy August 2022-

China geopolitical strategy June 2020-July 2022 More on China Belt and Road Initiative: Relevance beyond the Xi Jinping regime? What Is the ‘Quad’ and Should China Fear It? May 26 ‘Complete denial’: Europe largely blind to […]

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Ukraine October 2022-May 2023

From the Ground in Ukraine: Paule Robitaille Interviews Dan Bilak Full Fact: Fact checks featuring claims seen in the UK about the ongoing war in Ukraine Ukraine February – October 2022 Babel President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Official […]

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Health & healthcare/ September 2019 –

Brookings Topic Page on Marijuana European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control World Health Organization (WHO) China: government and governance 2016-20 Global Health and Healthcare Strategic Outlook: Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare Stephen Colbert: […]

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Globalization 2020-

How Indonesia and Australia view South Korea’s “everything, everywhere, all at once” Indo-Pacific strategy Natalie Sambhi With the recent six-day visit of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol to the United States and the December release […]

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China: government and governance September 2022-

China The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping Xi Jinping is the most powerful person in the world. At China’s 20th Communist Party congress in October he secured a third term as party chief, and may rule […]

Québec Bill 96/Canada C-13 January 2023-
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Illegitimi non carborundum ‘You don’t need to show us your Grade 3 report card’: Cote Saint-Luc makes ...
Wednesday Night #2150
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Thanks to Daniel Green, this Wednesday,  we welcome Jonathan Pedneault, the Green Party candidate in the forthcoming ND ...
U.S. Economy July 2021-
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Debt ceiling explained: What to know about the showdown in Washington as default looms WHAT IS THE DEBT CEILING FIGHT AL ...
The Arctic 2015 –
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Arctic Deeply Canada & the Arctic 2017- The icebreaker gap Russia has 40 powerful ships to clear lanes through cruci ...