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Coronavirus COVID-19 May 2020

Worldometer coronavirus Coronavirus COVID-19 Jan – April 2020 As U.S. buys up remdesivir, ‘vaccine nationalism’ threatens access to COVID-19 treatments Are we really all in this together? ‘Vaccine nationalism’ must be addressed to ensure equitable distribution […]

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The Democrats/progressives 2020 Part II

The Democrats/progressives 2020 Part I Thomas Friedman: This Should Be Biden’s Bumper Sticker “Respect science, respect nature, respect each other.” It’s the only way to make America great again. It summarizes so simply the most important […]

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China geopolitical strategy 2019 – July 2020

IN THE NAME OF CONFUCIUS (film) Watch China’s actions, don’t listen to its words By Cleo Paskal Beijing’s parasitic model weakens the global economy, its traditional hosts are becoming poorer. Which is likely one of the […]

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U.S. Government & governance 2020

U.S. Government & governance 2019 What is Antifa? Our Caesar Can the country come back from Trump? The Republic already looks like Rome in ruins. Trump Can’t Cancel the Election. But States Could Do It for […]

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China: government and governance 2020

China: government and governance 2016-20 China Tibet: The CCP Launches a Campaign Against Prayer Flags Nothing is more typical of Tibetan culture and religion than religious banners. They are now being taken down, village after village, […]

Canada: International relations and foreign policy June 2020 –
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Canada International Relations – Trade 2017-2018 Canada-U.S. 2018-19 USMCA (formerly known as NAFTA) Bob Rae named Can ...
Wednesday Night #1998
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HAPPY CANADA DAY! Happy Canada Day. Sorry.  The Globe & Mail editorial board underlines the many good reasons for c ...
Global economy & Trade 2020
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Post-pandemic world order Education Multilateralism IMF sharply downgrades outlook for global economy in face of COVID-1 ...
Cities & sustainability II
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Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable World Bank The Sustainable Citie ...