David T. Nicholson R.I.P. Messages

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Dear Friends,
Here is the link to the obituary published in the Gazette on Saturday and Wednesday. [See also David T. Nicholson R.I.P.]
Fiona, Marc and I are looking forward to welcoming all of you who are able to be with us on 27 April to what will truly be a celebration of David’s life. We know that those who are unable to come are with us in spirit.
While I am trying to keep all informed, I am sure that I have missed important people, so please share à volonté.
With love,

Dear Diana, Fiona & Marc,
On this 27th day of April 2018, one month following David’s Birthday, and the day before the celebration of his incredible life, I send you my thoughts, and my love……
My first vivid memory of David was in the orchestra pit of Expo Theatre in 1979 during the dress rehearsals of Children’s Creations’ (CC) inaugural production of Les Pensées des Jeunes/Young Dreams featuring over 400 kids. He moved about quickly, stealthily totally focussed on getting expert shots with his very professional looking still-camera of the 45 young musicians, and then turned his attention to the stage where the 300+ cast members tried to navigate their way on the mammoth set. I had no idea who he was and doubt he had asked permission to jump in there with us but I could tell that he was a man on a mission with a profound purpose!
His candid photos were later chosen to adorn the covers of the three Radio Canada International record albums of the production in English, French & Spanish.
Since that day, David became a keen supporter of CC …. I received invitations to attend the lauded Wednesday Nights where David would ask provocative questions about our mission and funding and sustainability! He & Diana introduced me to many influential people as they opened their home and hearts to Creations. And most importantly they shared their vibrant, talented, precocious 10-year old son Marc, whose 8-year active participation in the company as a young Board Member & actor/writer, impacted 1000s of kids (local, national & international) and me personally.
Marc has brought us full circle as I currently work with his two children and hundreds more at the newly founded Singapore Creations.
It has been a privilege to be included in the engaging conversations on politics, religion, art, the environment, and so much more with David & guests. He was truly an opinionated individual, a healthy rebel and he has left an indelible mark on us all.
Dear David, I raise my glass, my spirit and my heart to a life well-lived! Wherever you may be now, I know you are raising hell, with a profound purpose
May the 27th of April be a day filled with fond memories, laughter and eyes wet with tears of admiration.
And a little Montreal sunshine would be a great bonus!
Bless you Diana, Fiona & Marc … I am with you in spirit….
Mille bisous et courage,
Clare (Schapiro)

Dear Grandmouse,
I’m writing this having just heard from my mom of David’s passing. I wanted to offer my deepest condolences, I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you and I want you to know that I, along with everyone from the Family are here to support you in as many ways as we can. I truly am so glad to have known David, I can remember each encounter with him so clearly, his charm so strong that they’re impossible to forget. I can remember his signature wink, his warm smile, and his unending curiosity about our lives. He has been such a warm and wonderful presence for me throughout my short life and I am such a better person having known him. I’ll end this here by letting you know that we’re sitting down sharing our fondest memories of David, and I believe this conversation will go on late into the night. Lots of love, Ryan (Cologne)

Marina Boulos Diana, my condolences to you and the family. I remember meeting David the first time, like it was yesterday. While in my mid twenties, my boyfriend at the time, invited me to the equestrian ball at the Ritz. I sat next to David and he invited me to a Wednesday Night gathering without the boyfriend. Considering that he was an incorrigible flirt and without his wife, I was very nervous about his invitation. To ease my concerns, he let me come with a Concordia economics professor (he was on the board of a charity I ran at the time). When we arrived at our first Wednesday Night, we were dwarfed by the likes of Carl E. Beigie, c-level bankers, and provincial cabinet ministers. I was invited back, and I became a “Wednesday Night Regular.” Considering that the evenings started at 9 PM with drinks followed by debates at 10 PM, David sometimes caught me nodding off, in and out of semi-consciousness. My eyelids were his signal to call it a night.
David loved to shoot film, and I asked him to be the videographer of my wedding. I was 45 minutes late for the church ceremony! And so, David, quite the character, inserted into the wedding video Alice in Wonderland’s fictional character, the white rabbit muttering, “Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late!” with pictures of grandfather clocks chiming all at once. After having left Montreal in 1997 for New York and returning as a family of 4 in 2009, those Wednesday Nights were no longer possible, but both of you have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace David, you certainly deserve it. XO

…  my deepest condolences to you and all those who loved David.
On Friday, I am chairing a table of the Corim as the Premier will be making a speech at the Palais des Congrès’ Conseil du Patronat Convention.I cannot unfortunately get out of this commitment to the Corim that I chair.
Even though I have not attended Wednesday nights in the past few years, I will miss David’s energetic, stamina, inspiration at going about it for so many years.
I wish you chère Diana, courage in these moments.
Affectionate regards
Pierre Marc (Johnson)

Dear Diana, Fiona, Marc, and a thousand grieving friends:
I just heard this news and wanted to express how much David had meant to me over nearly forty years; the unforgettable Wednesday Nights chaired by him, the unforgettable comradeship offered by him, and the unforgettable parties made special by him. When David was made, they not only broke the mould, but burned the plans. A complex, brilliant, and charming man. The bon vivant’s bon vivant.
Kath is equally in mourning.
Peter Trent

10 May
I recently heard from Brian that David passed away since we left for Portugal a month ago. We’re still here, but return next week.
I was very much saddened upon receiving this news. David was always such a positive person, and always very pleased to welcome me into the Nicholson home with his and your wonderful circle of friends and colleagues. Sadly this pretty well came to an end when Louisa and I moved from Montreal, but of course Brian always kept me up on the latest news. I feel that a bit of my life also came to a close when David left us– in body though certainly not in spirit. I admired his active mind and imagination and as well, of course, his thorough dedication to the greater good of the community that he and you gathered and interacted with for seemingly endless Wednesdays nights– year in and year out. This community has in so many ways had profound influence on countless numbers of people throughout the city, province, country and beyond. We are the better for having had David in our midst. And we and David were and are the better for the love and support you always tendered, especially in his time of trouble.
Thank-you for all that, Diana.
I send you my heartfelt condolences, and know that time will gradually soften the pain of sorrow, leaving in its place so many wonderful memories.
Time will do that…
With love and gratitude, Diana,
Donald (Patriquin)

I’m sorry I didn’t make it to David’s celebration. I have no doubt it was spectacular. I was planning on going, but …  in the end I couldn’t get away. … You and David have been my surrogate Montreal family for years. I visited on every trip home to Montreal during my time overseas, and it always brought me such joy to see you both. Grieving is a long process. It never really ends, but it does get better. I’m here to offer what support I can along the way. Chantal Beaubien

Diana, Fiona and Marc,
PJ and I were saddened to read the news of David’s passing and wish to convey our condolences to you all. Sooo many memories living in your coach house at ‘444’ – over 40 years ago now – yikes !! I would so much have liked to have been there to see you all on Friday but I am dashing off to Hungary tonight on a buying trip. Fondest hugs to you all. XOX
Jennifer Rowntree

Good morning Diana
What I have now read twice regarding David and you is absolutely wonderful. I unfortunately only knew him after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer. Small wonder you were captured by his personality.
The two of you have an awful lot to be very proud of.
See you this afternoon for his final send off.
Amitiés Jorgen Nielsen

Our deepest sympathy and best wishes in the days and weeks following this sad event.  The loss of a friend of over 60 years is always difficult but the happy memories will stay with us.  God bless you and your family. Best Wishes.    Love,  Joany and Alex Paterson

Gianita Kadarisman: I will be thinking of him…what a one-of -a -kind edition! Downing a good scotch in his memory. Take good care, Diana..I will always remember those Wednesday Nights with the one and only David presiding over the table and beautiful Diana, guarding the sidelines. Rest in Peace, David

Dear Diana – what a beautiful obituary. I am very sorry to miss the celebration on Friday. I am in London all next week through to the 30th. Again, please accept our most sincere condolences.
Mario (Iacobacci) and Lucy

Unique, remarkable but, above all, true and loving. God bless him, Diana and the children, his and your most beautiful and enduring legacy. Pierre D’Amour

Dear Diana,
Will be thinking of you and Fiona and Marc on Friday.
Lovely obituary- David would have been proud but minimising his achievements.
Bon courage
Margo (Somerville)

Michael Hooton to Marc Nicholson
Just saw your dad’s obit. It’s the best one I’ve read in years. Whoever wrote it did a spectacularly good job. What a great fellow your dad was. I didn’t know he was in the RCAF – that’s pretty studley. I look forward to seeing your Mom next month.

So sorry to hear about David – please accept my condolences. I fondly remember all the years I spent at Wednesday nights and David’s and your masterful orchestration of the proceedings. He will be greatly missed by many. Regards, Martin Barnes

Chère Diana, Bien triste d’apprendre la nouvelle du décès de David qui va beaucoup nous manquer. Au moins, il est parti sans souffrir, tranquillement sans faire de bruit! Je vous offre mes condoléances ainsi qu’à la famille, et souhaite que vous passiez cette période douloureuse, accompagnée de vos proches et amis. Vous pouvez compter sur moi, au besoin. Je vous embrasse amicalement. Lyda  Letacq 

Dear Diana,
Michel just informed me that David passed away a few days ago. What very sad news. My heart goes out to you. Please accept my deep, sincere condolences and all my love.
Danielle (Choquette)

I am housebound recuperating from Hip Replacement Surgery so will not be able to attend.
Thoughts are with you and the family and am happy to be able to revisit some of the wonderful times we shared together
Much Love
Carmen (Robinson)

Condolences, condolences, condolences and hugs. David will be so greatly missed but, as a new star in the firmament, David will be forever close at hand.
Would love to be with you in Montréal, but I am only one week into recovering from a hip replacement, and unable to travel to Montreal. But, I shall be sending you wonderful thoughts of memories, prayers and love.
Nobby (Dr. Norbert Gilmore)

Chere Diana, Veuillez accepter mes plus sinceres condoleances a toi et ta famille pour la disparition de David ton compagnon pour l eternite. Pierre Arbour

My heart goes out to you.  Please accept my deepest condolences and know that I send loving thoughts and prayers for you and David.
You are both absolutely treasured folk, for me, and for so many others.
I miss you both, and I will miss David, as will so many.
Blessings and comfort in this very difficult time,
Ofer (Dr. Ofer Avital)

Dear Diana,
We will all miss our dear David so much. I still have the image of his very special lovely smile in my mind from the last time I visited him and will keep that as a treasured memory – along with so many others of him and you and your family. It was a great privilege to have known him so well and to have learned so much from him. The world will not be the same for me without him. At least I can imagine him now surrounded by all those who loved him and preceded him into the next chapter of being.
I also know that his passing will leave a great void for you, in particular, and I think of Fiona, Mark and their families as well at this time. Please know that I am there for you and the family with anything that I can do. It would be pleasure and a privilege to help in any way.
With sympathy, sadness and all my love, Sam (Stein)

Chère Diana, C’est avec grande tristesse que j’apprends  le décès de David. Une ère s’éteint avec lui, et il sera manqué par tous. Son souvenir a été marquant, il a laissé sa trace et son empreinte. Que son bon souvenir vous habite pour toujours. To you and your family, mes plus sincères condoléances. Consider yourself hugged! Linda (Julien)

Montreal and Canada have lost an icon, maven, and friend. Diana, we are beaming love and condolences to you and your family from around the world. May your home ever be a haven for good argument, good fellowship, good (and plentiful) wine, sly wit, and a sneaky cigarette. We are so grateful for all you and David have created. Brett House

Hello Diana,
Let me first please express my deepest sympathies to you and your entire family on the loss of your beloved David.
You both were are very large part of the memory clinic and it was my privilege to get to know the two of you.
I do hope that you take some time for yourself. Be good and kind to yourself, especially in the weeks and months to come.
I am thinking of you during this difficult time and David with his scarf (Ascot) around his neck!
Heather Kape R.N. B.A.
Clinical Research Nurse
Memory Clinic/ Jewish General Hospital

Dear Mrs Nicholson (Diana),
Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of David.
I’m glad that I had the opportunity to met him and could be a witness to his intelligence and his sense of humour.
You both must be thanked for your immense contribution to science and or understanding of this terrible disease.
You both are in my  thoughts and David will be fondly remembered.
Chris Hosein, M.Ed, CCRP.

I have just come in from dinner with my close friend Nicole Sharp and learn of your losing David, It is difficult to know what to say. The two of you enjoyed an incredible, rich relationship for so many years enriching us along the way. Many of us were not as fortunate. I knew that the last few months were very challenging for both of you . … I look forward to celebrating his life with you………and spending more time with you. Thinking of you and if there is anything that I can do please call.
Manon Vennat, C.M.

Having just received the news from Dad I was deeply saddened to hear about your loss. David was a wonderful man and I have many fond memories of him from my visit to Montreal. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family during this difficult time.
Yous sincerely,
Alexandra (Bergholm)

Dear Dee,
Thank you for letting me know. I’m so glad Fiona was able to spend time with her dad recently. And you too had time to say your fond farewell.
It is sad and at the same time a blessing that he suffered less and is now at rest. I know you will miss him terribly.
I wish you blessings of all kinds in your transition now.
This comes with great love and affection. Sally (Fridy)

En ce triste événement qu’est le départ de notre David, je t’offre cette petite pensée laquelle, je l’espère, soulagera ta douleur :
« La mort n’est rien. Je suis seulement passé dans la pièce à côté.
Je suis moi. Vous êtes vous.
Ce que j’étais pour vous, je le suis toujours.
Donnez-moi le nom que vous m’avez toujours donné.
Parlez-moi comme vous l’avez toujours fait.
N’employez pas un ton différent.
Ne prenez pas un air solennel ou triste. Souriez.
Continuez à rire de ce qui nous faisait rire ensemble.
Pensez à moi. Que mon nom soit prononcé à la maison
comme il l’a toujours été, sans emphase d’aucune sorte,
sans une trace d’ombre.
Le fil n’est pas coupé.
Pourquoi serais-je hors de vos pensées, simplement
parce que je suis hors de votre vue ?
Je ne suis pas loin, juste dans la pièce à côté …
Priez pour moi. »
Tu es une femme de courage, d’une intelligence sans borne et d’une grande générosité pour l’intelligence des autres. Mais ne te fatigue pas trop. Prend bien soin de toi.
Amicalement, Yvette Biondi

I’m so sorry for your – for our – loss, while so relieved that David’s exit was peaceful.
I don’t know why I’m surprised at the news, but I am.  It’s not that the rules didn’t apply to David and you. But you both broke so many of them, and with such freedom and joy and success, that I suppose I expected this one to go the same way.  It makes no sense seeing it written like that, but deep down that seems to be  how I felt.
So I’m sorry and shocked, and also happy for David, that he’s at last free of his physical age and its pains and frustrations, and of all of life’s rents and indignities. And that he filed such a glorious, irreverent appearance during the time he had, and left vivid impressions on so many – though that belongs jointly to both of you.
I still tell new employees and overnight guests “welcome aboard!” because I remember how good it made me feel when David said it to me on my first sleepover, there on the landing of the 2nd floor when I was 9 or 10.
I dreamt of you both earlier this winter. Actually, it was of you three, and of the  house. Somehow the house was even bigger, contained white marble, and more stair- and hallways. Marc and I were little, and I was following him the way I used to do, running from here to there on some mission or other, one of which led to a brown bagged Chalet Barbecue meal. The dream actually recurred several nights in a row. I don’t know what it means beyond nostalgia for a time and place I was so lucky to share with the Nicholsons.
Much love, Jonathan (Levinson)

Blessed be his soul and may he find much joy on this new journey.
My heart goes out to you.  David has been given the gift and the blessing of a quick departure, surrounded by love and caring and friends and spared the indignities of a lingering goodbye. He will live on through you and through all of us, and his memory will be cherished.
What a blessing that Fiona had her last day by his bedside, and will now be there for you. Margaret Lefebvre

Hobie and I and our families were so sorry to hear of David’s passing, very grateful too that he did not suffer. Sally and I were just talking about how  broken hips take a terrible toll with our elders, especially when there is dementia involved. Mom masked her dementia well, feisty about staying  in control of Pop’s and my sister Amy’s care, both have end stage Alzheimers, continue to be well cared for. I call them my “energizer bunnies”. I kept trying to assure Mom during her last weeks, even when she could not really talk or maybe even hear me, how well she had taken care of us all and that we were going to be OK! Hope it was a comfort and gave her the green light to finally relax and find some peace.
Both she and David as I recall were energetic, strong, very positive individuals who had an profound impact on everyone they touched ! Even though it is a blessing not to have them suffer, it still is hard to lose our moms and husbands and we miss not having them around!
Your kind words about Mom were so special ! I shared them with the interim minister from  our local Christ Church who became very close to Mom during the summer and fall; Father John gave a lovely intimate  homily, taking a phrase or 3 from your lovely notes about Mom. I wish I could be just as eloquent about David, I have a  teenage memory of an  Ithan visit which seemed to be lively and I remember Mom talking about how dashingly charming and handsome David was ! I am finding some pictures, which I will send your way (Cousin) Banny Ackerman

Dear Diana,
Thank you very much for your message. I sent a note to Marc when I learned of David’s passing. It is so nice to see that you have kept the Wednesday Night gatherings going. I once discussed them with David years ago and have seen more than one article in the Gazette and in other publications about your amazing evenings!
It is impressive to know that David participated in the clinical trials to try and help others afflicted with Alzheimer’s. LCC’s motto is Non Nobis Solum – Not for Ourselves Alone – which David clearly exemplified. I am very sorry for your loss.
Kirk LLano
Head of Hockey & Alumni Ambassador, Lower Canada College

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