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The accounts of Wednesday Night Salons in chronological order appear below. The task of archiving them is on-going . As stated elsewhere, it was not until the early 90s that we began to keep weekly records of discussions, therefore, there are, unfortunately, major gaps in the earlier chronicles.
Most, but not all, accounts until 2014 were written by our Scribe, Herb Bercovitz, and edited as required, by Diana, however a number of other Wednesday Nighters also contributed their note-keeping talents on occasions when Herb was absent. Since Herb was no longer up to the task, the entries for Wednesday Night consist only of the “Prologues”. Chatham House rules prevail!

Wednesday Night #2208
July 10, 2024, No Comments

Only the 2024 NATO Summit adds a cheerful note to what otherwise is an exceptionally gloomy outlook this week. Leaders a ...

Wednesday Night #2207
July 3, 2024, No Comments

To say that this has not been a great week would not be an exaggeration. Starting with last Thursday’s simply awfu ...

Wednesday Night #2206
June 26, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2206

Actor Donald Sutherland dead at 88 Evey week, it seems, we mourn the death of another important/influential figure. On T ...

Wednesday Night #2205
June 19, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2205

19 June 2024 Juneteenth is the oldest-known celebration marking the end of slavery in the United States, first recognize ...

Wednesday Night #2204
June 12, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2204

Week-long celebrations, ceremonies and evocation of memories in the presence of today’s leaders of the WWII allies ...

Wednesday Night #2203
June 5, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2203

There are weeks when the previous days’ news seems humdrum – merely a tiresome repetition of previous report ...

Wednesday Night #2202
May 29, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2202

Mark and Chris Roper are headed to Tilly-sur-Seulles in Normandy for the June 7th commemoration of the role of the villa ...

Wednesday Night #2201
May 22, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2201

Lost power and then Internet access on Wednesday Night Power came back quite quickly; Internet not until 11 am Thursday ...

Wednesday Night #2200
May 15, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2200

China-Russia relations The Xi-Putin partnership is not a marriage of convenience – It is one of vital, long-term n ...

Wednesday Night #2199
May 8, 2024, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #2199

8 May 1945 – Victory in Europe (VE) Day Great Britain, the United States and other Allied countries celebrate Vict ...