Welcome to the World of Waste and Imbalance
September 17, 2015, No Comments

Welcome to the World of Waste and Imbalance Dr. Paul Shrivastava is Executive Director of Future Earth, an international ...

GMO fruit vegetables
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
July 24, 2015, No Comments

Unhealthy Fixation (Slate) The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud. L ...

Rio+20 The Future We Want
Rio+20 Outcomes
February 13, 2015, No Comments

Montreal to be home to the Future Earth international secretariat coordinating research on climate change and sustainabl ...

green cities
Cities and sustainability
March 26, 2014, 1 Comment

UN Habitat 6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever (Gizmodo) It seems counterintuitive, right? Rip out eigh ...

Earth overshoot day
Earth Overshoot Day
August 23, 2013, No Comments

Earth Overshoot Day In 8 Months, Humanity Exhausts Earth’s Budget for the Year August 20 is Earth Overshoot Day 20 ...

Seabeds and Outer Continental Shelf
August 5, 2013, No Comments

Seabed mining could earn Cook Islands ‘tens of billions of dollars’ Tiny nation expects stakes in companies ...

Internatl Yr of Sustainable Energy
2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All
December 6, 2012, No Comments

20 August 2013 So much for sustainable energy The Day the Earth Ran Out The Causes and Consequences of Earth Overshoot D ...

August 6, 2012, No Comments

The End of the Line (Babelgum) Endorsed by and with major marketing support from National Geographic, Greenpeace and the ...

Rio +20
Rio+20 World Environment News Summation
June 25, 2012, No Comments

( Science at Rio+20 Finding cause for hope in Rio+20 disappointment The disappointment arising from the lack ...

Main points in Rio+20 agreement
June 24, 2012, No Comments

Factbox: Main points in Rio+20 agreement Author: Nina Chestney World Environment News/Planet Ark 24 June 2012 Nearly 100 ...