NAFTA – Three Amigos
March 15, 2017, 1 Comment

NAFTA Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Quietly Seeks an Alliance With Mexico (Bloomberg) President Donald Trump’s top trade ...

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Wednesday Night #1825
March 1, 2017, No Comments

Before getting to the major and unavoidable topic, a few other items for your consideration. As the crisis in North Kore ...

Mexico flag
February 22, 2017, No Comments

Top U.S. Officials Met With Defiance in Visit to Mexico Secretaries of State and Homeland Security encounter objections ...

Airline industry 2012 – 2017
February 10, 2017, No Comments

See also Airline industry — Flight MH370 Why Airlines Collude To Make Flying As Miserable As Possible (Daily Kos) Few ...

Corruption Economist illustration
February 1, 2017, 2 Comments

Transparency International The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Corruption in all its facets thrive ...

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
January 25, 2017, 1 Comment

On Day 1, Trump starts making China great again: Bloomberg View By Michael Schuman … a successful TPP would’ ...

foreign aid
Aid, Development and Progress 2014 – 2017
January 24, 2017, No Comments

Foreign Aid for Development Assistance Trump’s New “Global Gag Rule” is Much, Much More Far Reaching than George W ...

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Wednesday Night #1814
December 14, 2016, No Comments

2016 has been marked by some great losses of admirable (and seemingly irreplaceable)  public figures, as well as severa ...

green energy
Alternate (clean) energy/renewables
December 8, 2016, 1 Comment

Latin America is set to become a leader in alternative energy (The Economist) The region already leads the world in clea ...

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Wednesday Night #1809
November 2, 2016, No Comments

Just for a moment – or two – can we move away from the political melodrama to the south? Incredible as it ma ...