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China – Hong Kong
March 26, 2017, No Comments

Hong Kong election: Beijing-backed Lam vows to heal divide (BBC) The first woman elected to lead Hong Kong has vowed to ...

Mexico flag
February 22, 2017, No Comments

Top U.S. Officials Met With Defiance in Visit to Mexico Secretaries of State and Homeland Security encounter objections ...

Israel – Palestine/Gaza 2015 – 2016
December 28, 2016, No Comments

28 December Thomas L. Friedman: Bibi Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump The settlers’ goal is very clear, as Kerry put it ...

Aung San Suu Kyi
Burma/Myanmar 2012-2016
October 24, 2016, 4 Comments

(BBC) Should it be Burma or Myanmar? CIA World Factbook: Burma Aung San Suu Kyi (The Elders) Desmond Tutu: Speaking to A ...

Australian flag
September 22, 2016, 1 Comment

New York Times Topics: Australia ; BBC Australia country profile ; Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ; Austrialia ...

Zimbabwe II
May 14, 2016, 3 Comments

Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: from worthless paper to hot investment The central bank of Zimbabwe issued $100,000,0 ...

Rio de Janeiro
Brazil 2013 – 2015
August 17, 2015, No Comments

These 5 Facts Explain Brazil’s Crippling Scandals (TIME) 24 July 2015 17 August Despite protests, slog more likely tha ...

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Wednesday Night #1731
May 6, 2015, No Comments

WOW! Alberta election 2015 results: NDP sweeps province in historic win Very few people believed this would happen. All ...

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Africa: Conflict and governance 2013 -2014
December 3, 2014, 1 Comment

3 December Fighting over the spoils of war Resources, resentment at heart of C.A.R. conflict By Benedict Moran (Al Jazee ...

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Wednesday Night #1704
October 29, 2014, No Comments

A lively evening which unexpectedly focused on the climate refugees reference rather than the greater issue of the waves ...