Russia map
Russia in 2016
December 25, 2016, 2 Comments

Putin’s Secret Riches (video) (BBC Panorama) Vladimir Putin has been accused of corruption on a breathtaking scale ...

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Wednesday Night #1771
February 10, 2016, No Comments

Happy Chinese New Year 2016! The Year of the [Red] Monkey kicks off around the world According to Chinese Five Elements ...

Immigrant sculpture
World-wide migration/refugees
December 31, 2015, 1 Comment

UNHCR Mid-Year Trends 2014 Where We’re From Interactive app tracks migrants around the world. This application is ...

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Wednesday Night #1756
October 28, 2015, No Comments

It’s time to turn our attention to global problems, starting with the refugee crisis and its inevitable impact on ...

Russia map
Russia in 2014
December 30, 2014, 4 Comments

Aleksei Navalny, Putin Critic, Is Spared Prison in a Fraud Case, but His Brother Is Jailed (NYT) Hours after being spare ...

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Wednesday Night #1696
September 3, 2014, No Comments

As we contemplate the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric surrounding international affairs and domestic politics, we are re ...

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Wednesday Night #1682 with David & Terry Jones
May 28, 2014, No Comments

We were deeply touched by the incredible, thoughtful, gift that Somayeh and Hosein brought us from Iran – a replic ...

Greece unravelling
Greece, EU and world economy 2011-2013
October 12, 2013, 15 Comments

A bit of black humor: Clarke and Dawe: Lending merry-go-round How can broke economies lend money to other broke economie ...

world economy
Global Economy 2012
December 31, 2012, 2 Comments

Foreign Policy Economy issue January/February 2012 Debt-ridden and hidebound, Europe may be on the verge of a painful br ...

Wednesday Night #1596
October 3, 2012, No Comments

Not debatable: Obama stumbled (Politico) … debate was a substantive break from months of caustic negative campaign ...