OWN Christmas Honours Citations 2002

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Recipients of the Order of Wednesday Night (OWN)

Karin Ahrland in recognition of her outstanding fidelity to the principles of impassioned discussion in search of international truths, her commitment to promoting the merits of Wednesday Night around the world, and her diplomatic prowess in circumnavigating the Globe in order to appear at Wednesday Night en route from Sweden to New Zealand

Dr Hans Black in recognition of his unwavering and generous support of the cause of Wednesday Night, his distinguished contribution to the conservative positions in learned debate and his ability to evolve towards positions more Grey than Black

John Ciaccia in recognition of his political, but not always politically-correct wisdom, his deep understanding of and ability to interpret multicultural issues and his abiding sense of justice and fairness in defense of the victims of the Chairman of Wednesday Night

Jacques Clément in recognition of the consistently high standards and meticulous research that he brings to every report on banking and the economy, his contribution to the expansion of Wednesday Night through the introduction of new and interesting participants and his unflagging defense of the methods employed to calculate inflation

Harry Mayerovitch, the Renaissance Man of Wednesday Night who never fails to put the topic in perspective. His contributions to Wednesday Night discussions are on every plane and designed to provoke thoughts and reactions among listeners of all ages

Richard Schultz in recognition of his many years as irreverent critic of almost all official positions on practically anything, his active participation in deregulated debate, and his abiding loyalty to the concept of Wednesday Night and to its participants

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