25th anniversary limericks – Wanda Potrykus

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Wednesday Night 25th Anniversary Year Celebration Limericks and One Rotten Poem

(with apologies to Edward Lear for messing up the metre)

There once was a Night of the week,
Of Wednesday it is that I speak,
It’s where one comes to chatter,
To debate, converse and natter…
And turn into a Wednesday Night freak.


After twenty-five years in a row
The Nicholson’s have much to show,
For their Wednesday Night efforts
Have resulted in methods
Of showing how interest can grow.


There once was a Mouse with a house
Who on Wednesdays along with her spouse,
Hosted lively affairs
Which included some glares
From the Spouse of the house at his Mouse.

There once was a Knight of the week,
‘Tis David Nicholson of whom I speak,
He’s quite debonair
As he sits in his chair
And surveys his Wednesday Night clique.


The Chairman’s manner cannot be termed light
Except when a female appears in his sight
Thus at Wednesday Night salons
Mouse makes sure that his “rallonge”
Is always tethered quite tight.


At seating arrangements our David’s adept
Wrong pairings of guests from the table are swept
But at his Wednesday Night salons
It’s the ladies with talons
Who get always to sit on his left.


David’s bark can create quite a fright
Save when a lady looms large in his sight
So, at his Wednesday Night salon
It’s Louise de Trois Maisons
Who reigns over him on his right.


David’s decisions can make one feel bereft
When good ideas off the table are swept,
At his Wednesday Night salons
He allows brokers and felons
To debate both the right and the left.


There once was a mayor, who wasn’t dumb,
He also sang and he really liked to pun,
He found a good outlet
With the Wednesday Night “in” set,
And for twenty-four years he’s had fun.

Limerick Derivative[1]

There once was a young lady from the USA (and Murray Bay),
Who with an airman from Westmount did stay,
To keep going the sparkle… they staged a Salon remarkable
Inviting debate…red, green, blue, black, white ‘n grey
at 33 Rosemount …each and every Wednesday,
25 years along…the spell is still on…
With everyone coming to play…and to say…
Thanks for the memories…thanks for the wit
We’re so glad you did it… it’s been such a hit!
We hope you’ll keep going… for what would we do
On a Wednesday in Westmount… without both you two?

[1] Allan/Gerald does this qualify? Ref: Lesson in Derivatives – Wednesday Night #1,304

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