Florida's new emissions standards

Written by  //  July 12, 2007  //  Environment & Energy, Public Policy  //  Comments Off on Florida's new emissions standards

… Charlie Crist, Florida’s Republican state governor, has just announced that he will sign into law some of the toughest emissions standards in America. The large population that lives along Florida’s 1,350 mile-long (2,160km) coast may well be more at risk from climate change (rising seas, fiercer storms and the like) than inland folk. …

Mr Crist’s announcement on Wednesday July 11th came just before a summit on global warming in Miami, where luminaries such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Arnold Schwarzenneger, California’s governor, were scheduled to gather. According to a draft executive order released by Mr Crist’s office, his state will be directed to find ways to return, by 2017, greenhouse-gas emissions to levels seen in 2000. More radically, by 2050 those emissions should be cut by 80% compared with 1990 levels.

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