Iraqi Insurgent Media: The War Of Images And Ideas

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Thought you might appreciate this if you haven’t already seen it–the
RFE-Radio Liberty website, currently engaged in countering jihadist
propaganda, is full of interesting information that provides a new look at
the forces unleashed by the fall of Saddam (as well as the history of the
region etc.)

Specifically, attached, is their recent report on the propaganda within Iraq
and the use of Internet and MM tools to promote the cause and display combat
prowess, etc. Two of the Iraqi correspondents who helped put it together
were killed earlier this year.

“the loss of coordination and message control that results from decentralization has revealed fundamental disagreements about Iraq’s present and future between nationalist and global jihadist groups in Iraq and that these disagreements are ripe for exploitation by those interested in a liberal and democratic Iraq.”

I think you’ll agree it portrays an amazing picture of micro-group activity,
astonishingly adept at combining modern Internet technology with
medieval-style vocabulary. As the report concludes, the people behind this
are the best educated, technically adept, young people in the country, “the
future leaders”.

Guy Stanley OWN

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