Apathy is boring

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OLP’s Raine Maida wants you to save the world
Heather Adler, Dose
November 09, 2007

Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida took a long look in the mirror recently and saw a man who was fed up with the world’s consumer-bred apathy, political corruption, forgotten victims and inability to find passion in the face of celebrity-obsessed culture and counterfeit smiles. He took a journey within himself, writing beat poetry and contemplating what it means to be a man on this little, spinning ball of dirt we call Earth and came up with his first solo album – The Hunters Lullaby (out Tuesday, Nov. 13).
… And while Madia candidly shares his beliefs on the world, never do his reflections on politics, media and apathy drift into preaching territory. He’s not telling you how to think, but rather opening a window to himself so you can see what he believes. Madia admits staying off the soap box in his music is a difficult challenge. An activist who works with several organizations, including War Child and Apathy is Boring, he struggles not to turn too preachy.
… Maida says he decided to get involved with Apathy is Boring – a non-profit organization that encourages youth to be more active in their communities and the democratic process – because he sees modern man’s general indifference as the main cause of so many of society’s problems. By failing to protest injustices, they continue to happen. By failing to vote and voice public opinions, politicians are not kept accountable. By bingeing on celebrity gossip, rather than being informed on conflicts, such as the situation in Darfur, we allow them to continue.
“I really see that as probably the underlying biggest problem with Western culture,” Maida asserts. “It’s probably our biggest challenge as a society to get that belief again that we can change things.” Complete article

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