China and India resist emissions cap calls

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December 4 2007
Anyone in doubt about the pivotal position played by China and India at this month’s global climate change talks in Bali should glance through the latest forecasts from the International Energy Agency.
Assuming government policies remain unchanged, Chinese and Indian economic development would be the key drivers in sending annual global energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas – from 27bn tonnes in 2005 to 42bn by 2030, the IEA said last month. …
But while it is clear why China and India are firmly in the Bali spotlight, what role they should play there remains the focus of fierce debate.
Beijing and New Delhi bristle at calls from the developed world that they should accept caps on future greenhouse gas emissions as part of a global deal to replace the Kyoto protocol after it expires in 2012. Full story and excellent climate change links

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