Mihailo (Misha) Crnobrnja

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Teaches European Integrations and Economy of Transition in the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration of The University of Novi Sad’s Centre for Advanced European Studies and Research (CAESAR)
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October 1997
I come from the former Yugoslavia. I was not a Serb, or a Croat or a Muslim. I did not identify myself in any ethnic nationalist terms. I was a citizen of Yugoslavia. As the country, and with it my identity, disappeared, I came with my family to Canada.
My wife and I chose to come to Canada not by flipping a coin, but by a careful and deliberate selection among a number of countries. In choosing Montreal as our new place of residence, we were inspired and thrilled by the multicultural and multi-ethnic character and spirit of the city.

Canada isn’t Yugoslavia, but, even so, there are some disturbing political similarities.

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