Obama's young supporters

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Obama’s young backers twist parents’ arms
As a small chorus of superdelegates has announced a preference for Senator Barack Obama in recent weeks, a theme is emerging: their children made them do it.
The list of Democrats who have cited the persuasive power of their own children as a factor in their Obama endorsements — either in earnest or as political cover — includes Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Governor James Doyle of Wisconsin, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.
Across the country, other parents are being lobbied hard, too. Youthful volunteers for each candidate have been campaigning with bright-eyed brio, not only door-to-door but at home as well. The young supporters of Obama, who has captured a majority of under-30 primary voters, seem to be leading in the pestering sweepstakes. They send their parents the latest Obama YouTube videos, blog exhortations and “Tell Your Mama/Vote for Obama!” bumper stickers.

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