Cleo Paskal OWN Citation

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Cleo Paskal


Whereas, with the approval of the assembly of Wednesday Night Wise Persons, we are pleased to appoint you honorable recipient of the Order of Wednesday Night

In recognition of your persistent efforts from wherever in the world you happen to be to educate and inform Wednesday Night on a vast range of matters including those related to the Arctic, Environment, India, Security, and Small Island States, your intelligent and thought-provoking in-person or electronic interventions on numerous topics, and your unflagging dedication to widening the circle of Wednesday Night experts through the introduction of worthy guests and  contributors

By these presents we do appoint you Honoured Companion, Fellow and Roving Correspondent of said Order and authorize you to hold and enjoy the dignity of such appointment together with membership in the said Order and all privileges thereunto pertaining 

Given at 33 Rosemount in the City of Westmount under the Seal of the Order of Wednesday Night this Wednesday twenty-seventh day of August, 2008

 By the Chairman’s Command

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