West Wing Wednesday Night #19

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West Wing Wednesday Nights

Thankful as we are for eachother’s company, work commitments require for our gathering this month to take place a week later than usual – so the call is out to all who can attend on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009.

On the menu this time, so hard to choose amongst the tumultuous times we live in that feed our imaginations and conversations! But a few things in particular:

       the western provinces have seen their economy double in 10 years, while Ontario and Quebec’s have progressed only by 55% – that trend is coupled by a net positive migration west – how is that changing (or not) the national conversation?

       Piano man Harper vs. Quebec fiasco Ignatieff vs the new Queen Michaelle Jean – what is happening in Ottawa? And do we have a new scandal-in-waiting in terms of the handling of the 39B$ in infrastructure funds?

       US health care + financial system reforms especially in the context of the sinking US dollar

       Sarkozy’s call for a new measure as the GDP is obsolete  – what would we replace it with?

We also have a new contest (after the fun we had with the SVT): 20$ on the table for anyone who can swiftly explain to satisfaction of the assembly what exactly did Obama do to deserve the Nobel Peace prize?

Last but not least, to note a few events supported/originated by Wednesday-West-Nighters – do look them up and help spread the word!:

       Linda Naiman has a Kadinsky-inspired Leadership through Creativity full-day workshop on Friday, October 31st  – see 

       Angela Verbrugge alerted us to the mass advocacy Saturday, October 24th event, “Bridge to a cool planet” – 

       Shauna Sylvester has an upcoming cool one day Foreign Policy Camp – an innovative hybrid conference about rethinking Canada’s role in the world – Monday, November 30, 2009  at SFU Harbour Centre 

Our succession planning, in terms of future Wednesday-West-nighters, is also going well – Candis Callison and Mark Podlasly had their (second) baby earlier this month – gorgeous and healthy – congrats to the whole family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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