China 2010 Qinghai earthquake

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David Kilgour: A Tibetan Tragedy
The earthquake that struck the Tibetan plateau is only the latest calamity to befall the region.
Truth appears to have been a collateral victim of the 6.9 level magnitude earthquake that struck Jyekundo on the Tibetan plateau on April 14 last week.
The vast majority of the thousands of dead were proud Tibetans and deserved to be mourned as such. Yet most of the world governments, including Canada’s, unfortunately made no mention of the Tibetans in their condolence messages to China. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton omitted the word “Tibet” from her statement, saying instead:
“Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured or displaced, and all the people of China on this difficult day.”
The media everywhere should have located the tragedy in Tibet’s historic Kham province. Coverage of the quake on CNN and the BBC however made little or no mention of the victims as Tibetan.
There are credible reports as well that the final death toll could reach over 10,000 with 100,000 left homeless. The survivors also need international help, which has been offered but which Beijing is refusing.
Beijing frowns on earthquake relief by monks
Chinese authorities have ordered Tibetan monks to leave areas affected by the April 14 earthquake, in a move widely seen as an attempt to minimize positive characterizations of their efforts. Monks rushed into the remote area to erect tents, search for survivors and deliver relief supplies. Google/The Associated Press (4/21)
China grapples with earthquake aftermath
Chinese authorities are struggling to mount a sweeping rescue mission in the remote area shaken by a series of earthquakes Wednesday morning as the death toll continues to rise. More than 600 people are confirmed dead, with tens of thousands more injured or left homeless. Chinese soldiers and paramilitary forces have rushed in to help with rescue efforts, but survivors are expressing worry over a dearth of food, shelter and digging supplies. Los Angeles Times (4/14) , The Washington Post (4/15) , CNN (4/15) 
14 April
Earthquakes in China’s Qinghai province kill hundreds of people
(The Economist) POWERFUL earthquakes on the Tibetan plateau have killed hundreds of people and injured many thousands of others. The disaster presents the Chinese authorities with the challenge of another large-scale relief effort following an earthquake in neighbouring Sichuan province in May 2008 that killed more than 80,000 people. The remoteness of the affected area will make it all the harder.

The earthquakes, the strongest of which been reported as magnitude 6.9 or 7.1, began to strike early in the morning of Wednesday April 14th. They were centred on Yushu county in Qinghai province near the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Most of the buildings in the county seat, Jiegu, were damaged or destroyed. Yushu has a population of around 100,000, many of them Tibetan herders.
Quake kills 400, schools cave in
(Reuters) – A strong earthquake toppled hundreds of homes and some schools in the remote mountainous Tibetan Plateau of southwest China on Wednesday, killing at least 400 people and injuring thousands.
Hundreds of troops have been dispatched to Qinghai Province’s Yushu county and some aid shipments from private organizations have set off from the provincial capital, Xining.

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