West Wing Wednesday Night #28 July 14, 2010

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Let the glorious sunshine begin… I look forward to a sunny and warm month of July and to our monthly gathering on July 14th with some intriguing topics I have come across – can’t wait to hear what your perspectives would be! They are all future focused and in particular, explore the upcoming generation, their views and interests, fears and hopes.

Mobile tech devices: first have a look at the hilarious 3-min video parody of iPhone fans (that has been viewed by over 3 million times!) then consider a few related facts: the Queen puts a visit to the BlackBerry home on her itinerary in Canada and Microsoft pulls their new mobile phone only 2 months after what is now known as the worst product launch of the last 20 years  – apparently because they really misunderstood the needs of the twenty-something technophile…

The long view: now that is impressive – the Vision Vancouver platform is based on a 500-year vision and a 50 year strategic plan . Compare and contrast that perspective with the rationale behind the Long View Now society [DTN: This is a MUST READ]. What intrigued me is that not only are our politicians and business people stuck in the short-term 3-month view, but even more concerningly, I too sense a feeling of hopelessness about the future when talking to younger people – they feel that their old age will be overshadowed by having to deal with natural disasters and financial system/pension collapses created by the generations preceding them – so they say: What’s the point?

– Modern Homo Sapiens – the VAG’s summer block buster is the Modern Woman, and Rick Peterson at the last Burgundy Lunch led a fascinating exchange on how the Musée d’Orsay then as well as artists now are depicting the modern woman – I would love to delve further and hear your thoughts on the Modern Woman /Man and what is next. I was a bit taken back when my daughters’ 5-year old school friends now declared that when they grow up their dream is “to marry a doctor, stay home and be happy” – and not to become one. But running that comment by university students, they all expressed a similar wish! Get their degree and then focus on raising a family. The funny part is that the same dream was shared by women and men – so who will be working outside the home? Anyway – I should leave the discussion to next week!

I will just leave you this question of the day sent by Diana for the Montreal Wednesday salon this week:: What do the oil catastrophe and the Wall Street collapse have in common? In both cases, a powerful, politically protected industry invented something that could not easily be repaired when it broke…

We look forward to welcoming friends back and introducing new comers. Come to think, discuss, be inspired, and exchange ideas and insights, all you of interested, interesting, informed and informative folks in town. For the new invitees  the description of the Wednesday night concept and other important logistical details   (click on “About us” at the top menu – and don’t forget to honor Bacchus with a gift). Please note that arrival is for 7PM and start of the moderated discussion is at 8PM sharp – to end promptly at 10PM so everyone can go to work the next day!

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