West Wing Wednesday Night #32 November 10, 2010

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Our November edition will be the day before Remembrance Day and if you have not seen it yet, the CBC/Radio Canada series on the wars called “Love, hate and propaganda”  is not your usual dull and sentimental documentary on the war – it’s a fascinating account on how media and strategy was used by all sides within the 20th century wars. A must see for everyone – and of world class caliber – made me proud of my tax dollars at work.

And while I am recommending videos: the RSA animate series I discovered thanks to Colin Doylend is FABULOUS fun – see for example the video on 21st century enlightment 

Ok, onto our November topics of discussion. After last month’s animated debates on technology/innovation and good/evil, I can’t wait to hear your wide ranging perspectives on some new topics:

–                     Municipal reversals – new mayors in Toronto and Calgary – with such differing approaches and perspectives – where are we off to in terms of our largest cities?? And one can already feel the start of municipal elections prep in Vancouver… one of the first events is Vision Vancouver developing its education platform for the November 2011 civic election Tuesday, November 16th 2010 from 7:00 to 9:00pm at the Italian Cultural Centre – session moderated by Vision Vancouver Executive member Shauna Sylvester (also a great Wed Salon West supporter).

–                     Latin America – from a new president in Brazil to the successful rescue in Chile last month to Cuba’s new capitalist policies (http://www.ft.com/world/americas) to Argentina and Venezuela – http://www.economist.com/world/americas/  – things are quietly happening there that might surprise us all, while we over focus on the US, Europe and India/China

–                     Closer to home – the BC budget consultation is over (see as reference the 10 year plan for BC ), we’ll get a tax break we thought we could not afford and the minimum wage is not changing anytime soon – if any of our resident economist pundits are able to attend, we’ll be able to get a bit more insight into the confusing messaging that abounds on the state of our provincial economy…

–                     Beyond politics and the economy, we still have not tackled the larger topic of parenting/caregiving – and we should have an interestign conversation around the merits of the new Liberal proposal for supporting family care

We look forward to welcoming friends back and introducing new comers. Come to think, discuss, be inspired, and exchange ideas and insights, all you of interested, interesting, informed and informative folks in town. For the new invitees: the description of the Wednesday night concept and other important logistical details  (click on “About us” at the top menu – and don’t forget to honor Bacchus with a gift). Please note that arrival is for 7PM and start of the moderated discussion is at 8PM sharp – to end promptly at 10PM so everyone can go to work the next day!

So RSVP when you know – I will send a confirmatory e-mail on Monday Nov 8th evening with address and directions to all who confirm. If you want to bring a guest – we would be delighted, but do let us know ahead of time. As always bring your questions, comments, ideas and musings for the mutual enjoyment and knowledge advancement of the gathering.

Best regards to all,

Alexandra & James Greenhill

P.S. Linda Naiman, one of our greatest supporters is teaching in BC this month at Royal Roads University in Victoria – Nov 9th – “The Alchemy of Leadership: Turning Leaden Thinking into Gold” – on becoming a more creative leader – see Course Description (PDF) and Nov 25th “Putting Passion to Work: Developing the People Side of Innovation” – see Course Description (PDF)

P.S. Due to scheduling, our session on immigration  – trends, myths and challenges –  is likely to happen on December 8th instead  with the help of some bright minds to help us shatter erroneous assumptions!

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