Wednesday Night: The Cardinal would feel at home

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By Margaret Duthie on
The MetropolitaIn
December 27, 2010

Wednesday Night – for me is a coming-together in what I imagine to have been the style of the French Cardinal Richelieu who founded the French Academy (Académie française) in 1635., but was also famed for his literary ‘salons.’
Here in the heart of Montreal, is a forum for different points of view and debate, all ably orchestrated week after week by David and Diana Nicholson in their home by invitation only. The celebration of 1500 consecutive Wednesday-Nights [was] scheduled as an exceptional event at another location on Wednesday December 1st 2010.
I first met the Nicholsons several years ago, at a dinner party where David got me talking about my pet enthusiasm, raising awareness of celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. I was invited to speak about this and of course accepted. In turn medical professionals were also invited and the discussion was written up on the Wednesday-night website which receives up to 10,000 hits per week.
Since then, I have attended many times, revelling in the flow of discussion across world affairs, to the work of local artists and authors. You never know if you’ll be sitting next to a bright IT student, a Hong Kong investment banker, a board member of your pension fund, a member of parliament, a consul, a university professor, or a journalist. Eloquent speakers expound on conflicting viewpoints of the same situation such as climate change, the cost of gasoline, or oil barrels and all are listened to respectfully. It is such a privilege to be invited to attend. Thank you David and Diana.

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