West Wing Wednesday Night #33 December 8, 2010

Written by  //  December 8, 2010  //  Alexandra T. Greenhill, Canada, West Wing (WWWN)  //  Comments Off on West Wing Wednesday Night #33 December 8, 2010

December is upon us, as suddenly as the unexpected snowfall last week. And the mood is funny – many things seem to be brewing from local to worldwide where the zeitgeist is unsatisfied… Ireland under severe belt tightening, Korea on the cusp of conflict (and not only because of the shortage of kimchi cabbage http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11523183 ), further evidence of the deterioration of our democracy with the no-debate-done in minutes-defeat of the environmental bill in our unelected Senate http://www.ndp.ca/press/shocking-defeat-climate-bill-hands-harpers-unelected-senators

So let’s wrap up the year of discussions in style – here are a few topics for our December session with a bit of a “wicked question” spin a la Brenda Zimmerman (http://tamarackcommunity.ca/ssi8.html

  • perhaps a great example of (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Deviance)

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