West Wing Wednesday Night #34 January 26, 2011

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The new year brings about a change in scheduling – and my apologies for the short notice – but yes, the withdrawal from the salons was too long and we’ll try and make it for the last Wednesday of this glorious first month of 2011.

On the agenda:

· Happy to say Montreal made it on the list of the 30 most dynamic cities to lead us out of the recession – , but why not Vancouver and what do we need to change here?

· The battle is on to determine the Internet regulations  – what is the right balance between public access and provider profit, and why so much more expensive in Canada vs. elsewhere?

· What is the verdict on Schwarzenegger’s term – other than the green initiatives, did he actually accomplish anything?

· Is Earth overpopulated? Does it worry you that a thousand Canadians a day turn 65yo and they have not saved enough?

· and of course, we’ll make time for a few comments on provincial and federal politics… I would be curious to see your takes on some of the leadership candidate proposals.

We look forward to welcoming friends back and introducing new comers. Come to think, discuss, be inspired, and exchange ideas and insights, all you of interested, interesting, informed and informative folks in town. For the new invitees, the description of the Wednesday night concept and other important logistical details can be found and don’t forget to honor Bacchus with a gift).

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