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Kagame looking at ‘resolving’ detention of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero Rusesabagina
(Reuters) – Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Monday said there were discussions about “resolving” the fate of Paul Rusesabagina, who was portrayed as a hero in the Hollywood film “Hotel Rwanda” and is serving a 25-year sentence in Rwanda on terrorism charges.
Rusesabagina was sentenced in September 2021 over his ties to an organization opposed to Kagame’s rule. He denied all the charges and refused to take part in the trial that he and his supporters called a political sham.

11 March
Félicien Kabuga: Rwanda genocide trial halted over dementia claims
The trial of a suspected financier of the Rwandan genocide in 1994 has been put on hold at The Hague.
Félicien Kabuga, who is 90, was set to face trial after evading capture for 26 years, but his lawyers say he has dementia and is not fit to stand trial.
The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals agreed to a pause while his health was assessed.
He is alleged to have financed ethnic Hutu militias who slaughtered about 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus.
The killings took place over just 100 days.


26 May
UN team helps nab Rwandan militia leader
The Rwandan militia leader accused of masterminding the 100-day genocide in 1994 of some 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus has been captured. Bernard Munyagishari — who had been at large for some 17 years — was seized in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in a joint operation with the Congolese army and a team from the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. BBC (5/26)

August 5 – 6, 2008
Génocide au Rwanda : Kigali menace de poursuivre des “responsables” français
Le long rapport présenté mardi, qui accuse de nouveau Paris d’avoir activement “participé” au génocide de 1994, est “une bonne base pour d’éventuelles procédures légales”, selon le ministre de la justice rwandais.
Paris était “au courant des préparatifs” du génocide de 1994 au Rwanda, a “participé aux principales initiatives” de sa mise en place et “à sa mise en exécution” : telles sont les conclusions, présentées mardi 5 août, du rapport de 500 pages de la commission d’enquête rwandaise sur le rôle supposé de la France dans le génocide, qui avait entamé ses travaux en avril 2006 et dont Paris a rejeté toute légitimité. Si ces accusations ne sont pas nouvelles de la part de Kigali, le gouvernement rwandais laisse cette fois entendre qu’il poursuivra en justice “des responsables politiques et militaires français”, responsables de “complicités” attestées par “la persistance, la détermination, le caractère massif du soutien français à la politique rwandaise des massacres” selon ce rapport rédigé en français.
Senior French officials involved in Rwandan genocide: report
(CBC) Rwanda has accused senior French officials, including the country’s former president and prime minister, of being involved in its 1994 genocide.
France knew preparations for the genocide were underway and even contributed to them, according to accusations in a 500-page report compiled by an independent commission appointed by the Rwandan government.

Rwanda accuses France over genocide
(Al Jazeera) Rwanda has accused France of having an active, direct role in the African country’s 1994 genocide in which 800,000 people were killed.
A report commissioned by the Rwandan government named 33 senior French military and political figures, among them Dominique de Villepin, the former prime minister, and Francois Mitterrand the late former president, who it said should be prosecuted.
It also accused French troops of directly taking part in the slaughter.
“The French support was of a political, military, diplomatic and logistic nature,” the report said.

Australia to examine Rwanda report
(Sydney Morning Herald) Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Australia will carefully examine allegations French forces played an active role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
A report unveiled on Wednesday by the Rwandan government names French political and military officials, including former president Francois Mitterrand as having a direct role in the tragedy.
The 500-page report alleged that France was aware of preparations for the genocide, contributed to planning the massacres and actively took part in the killing.

French politicians accused of assisting Rwandan genocide
· Investigators say Paris armed Hutu extremists
· 500-page report follows two-year inquiry
(The Guardian)The Rwandan government has called for the prosecution of a number of senior French politicians over the 1994 genocide of hundreds of thousands of Tutsis, after releasing a report from an official commission that accuses the former president François Mitterand and more than 30 senior French officials of aiding the killers.

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