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Eva Prager R.I.P. 1912-2010
June 28, 2010, 12 Comments

The Oppenheimer-Prager Museum at Dayspring Eva Prager O.C. Marilynn Vanderstaay: Westmount loses one of its most charmin ...

Wednesday Night #1304
February 28, 2007, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #1304

February 28, 2007 We are all a-twitter with the countdown to the 25th, but must settle down and take matters (somewhat) ...

Wednesday Night #1194
January 19, 2005, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #1194

January 19, 2005 What is art? A video news clip of the opening of the Moishe Safdie-designed Desmarais Pavilion of the M ...

Harry Mayerovitch OWN Citation
December 11, 2002, Comments Off on Harry Mayerovitch OWN Citation

Whereas, with the approval of the assembly of Wednesday Night Wise Persons, we are pleased to appoint you honourable rec ...