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Wednesday Night #1473
May 26, 2010, Comments Off on Wednesday Night #1473

David Mitchell‘s unexpected arrival afforded everyone the opportunity to congratulate (through him) his son Parker ...

Invest in agriculture
April 6, 2010, Comments Off on Invest in agriculture

More on Agriculture & Food Emergent Asset Management How science could spark a second Green Revolution (CSM) To figh ...

Canada & the world II
December 31, 2009, Comments Off on Canada & the world II

G8 Summit July 8-10 2009 ; Canada & the Arctic Is Security Council Seat a Tory Priority? (Embassy August 2009) Exper ...

Parker David Mitchell OWN Citation
December 17, 2003, Comments Off on Parker David Mitchell OWN Citation

In recognition of your unwavering dedication to research in support of all hypotheses advanced in the heat of discourse, ...