World-wide migration/refugees
October 2, 2016, No Comments

Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean ‘migrants’ The word migrant has become a largely inaccurate umbrel ...

Wednesday Night #1803
September 21, 2016, No Comments

The Bush-Clinton saga ends with Bush, Sr. saying he’ll vote for Hillary. Reminds me of when the dwarves and elves ...

Wednesday Night #1802
September 14, 2016, No Comments

It is easy to draw a straight line from 9/11 to the rise of ISIS (by any name), turmoil in Iraq, Syria and generally thr ...

Small Island States
May 24, 2016, No Comments

Alliance of Small Island States AOSIS Members and Observers UNDP Support to Small Island Developing States Les îles qui ...

Terrorism 2013-15
December 8, 2015, 1 Comment

Boko Haram: Kidnapped Girls Have Been Married Off, Truce Never Happened

Health & Healthcare
December 1, 2015, 2 Comments

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function Of the mice that received the treatment, 75 percent got their ...

Canada: International relations and foreign policy
September 27, 2015, 2 Comments

Leaked internal report warns of Canada’s declining world influence (Globe & Mail) Canada’s international clo ...

E is for Espionage
August 31, 2015, 2 Comments

How China and Russia are mining major U.S. data hacks (PBS Newshour) Intelligence services in Russia and China are cross ...

Libya 2011 – 2015
August 30, 2015, 2 Comments

The Guardian: Libya NYT: Libya Clashes shatter illusion of security in Libyan capital Armed groups excluded from Tripoli ...

Climate Change and Security
August 26, 2015, 1 Comment

International Institute for Strategic Studies: Climate Change and Security The IISS believes climate change could have a ...