Wednesday Night #1262 – John Ciaccia Comment on the Invitation

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[Editor’s note: We are truly touched by these flattering words from someone whom we admire as a wise person as well as a great writer and communicator]

Dear Diana,

Your weekly bulletins on the forthcoming wednesday nights are most interesting and well done. But the one for Wednesday night 1262 is a masterpiece. Not only does it speak of the important issues that are facing us today, but it gives valuable references for those who wish to learn more, or even acquire the material that you are discussing. You choose topics that are not only of interest, but are vital in understanding what is going on in the world and you give a short and concise summary off their essence.

Your bulletins are provocative and thoughtful, at times witty and always beautifully written. Your choice of words makes them a delight to read. You even make it easy to acquire information and material by a flick of the finger on the computer keyboard. (Will I be able to resist ordering Madeleine Albright’s book from Amazon?) The importance and contribution of Galbraith is given in a short summary from the Washington Post. The inclusion of Arthur Schlesinger’s short comments on Galbraith is (are?) a gem. Everything is at our fingertips.

What a service you are giving the recipients of your messages. This is marvelous. It is a tour of the world, a course in current history. In two short paragraphs you managed to give a summary of what is going on in the entire world ( beginning, appropriately, with events in Quebec and Canada.)

I could go on and on.

I wonder how many realize the time and effort that you must be putting into this- And the background research.

I’m sure that these bulletins put people in the proper frame of mind to discuss the important issues that you raise.

I hope that you are keeping all these little gems. They would be worth publishing. They are a current history.

Thank you and congratulations for the wonderful work that you are doing.

With appreciation and thanks

John Ciaccia

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