25th anniversary messages

“I am leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Cuba and, unfortunately, will be missing that important event. Diana and David have achieved a weekly gathering of minds where we have all learned a lot from each other. For myself, I have learned to present a financial and economic presentation from 7 minutes initially down to 2 minutes now!
Give my best regards and congratulations this remarkable couple whose hospitality could not be matched. David is a maestro at conducting the evening and Diana’s ‘intellect’ is difficult to match.
All the best of success for the next 25 years.” Jacques Clément

Dear Diana and David.
Unfortunately, I am presently “on the road” covering the provincial election. We are touring the province with the TVA bus since February 20th. Already three thousand km behind us and it will only stop on election day! I will never forgive Charest for launching this campaign knowing perfectly well it was during Wednesday Night 25th anniversary. But one thing is for
sure, you will always have my vote. Congratulations and have a memorable evening!!!
Guy Lalonde

David and Diana — I am sorry I could not be with you tonight to celebrate 25 years of Wednesday Night Salon. During my years in wonderful Montreal I always looked forward to stimulating discussions on Wednesday nights. The topics are timely and the caliber of input superb. David has such a way of being provocative that creates enthusiasm among the guests. Diana is a gracious hostess and a great counterpoint to David. It is hard for me to imagine that it was 10 years ago that I started attending regularly and to think Wednesday Night was going on for 15 years before that. Congratulations to both of you on the tenure. You must be doing something right to keep the interest for this long period. Thanks for allowing me to take part. I hope to make an appearance again on some near future Wednesday Night.

Dear David and Diana,
As it appears that I will not make your celebratory evening on March 7, may I extend congratulations and best wishes on a wonderful quarter century of great discussions in a salon worthy of its reputation.
I recall with fondness the scatter of topics in world affairs, business, canadian public policy and politics. Remember our discussions of water and climate several years ago? We finally see climate moving ahead on the political agenda and I am sure that you will be revisiting this theme many
times in the years ahead. Best wishes for the next twenty five years!
With kindest regards, Mac (Malcolm Mercer)

David & Diana:
A most wonderful invitation, which, unfortunately we won’t be able to accept. Late last year we (Jennifer & I ) were invited to the 25th anniversary of the Shaughnessy Village Association, and were thrilled to see how our creation had grown and flourished. 25 years of Wednesday Nights is almost un-imaginable, a monument to your dedication, tolerance, and good humour. There must be something to Silver Anniversaries. The very best of wishes, and I hope you have a great party. Taylor & Jennifer (Buckner)

Dear Diana –
Very nice!!!! 25 years – what an era – and personal achievement. Even though I am unable to be there, I will think of a contribution to make … Dear wishes, Juliane Zeidler [j.zeidler@iecn-namibia.com]

Diana and David
Congratulations on 25 years of Wednesday Night at Westmount. Have a wonderful celebration – I know that Peter is very happy to be able to come and join the festivities and of course Gerald is a devoted attendee. With every best wish for tonight and for many future Wednesday Nights
Diana Ratzer

Sun, 4 Mar 2007 15:14:23 +0100
March fo(u)rth!
Would love to come but we can’t hop from Paris to Montreal that night. Sorry about any inconvenience, ours that is Send our love and very dear memories to D und D Sorry for the delay in answering a temptational invitation Best regards and a very memorable evening (please send us any feedback and photos You Tube, a line or two, whatever) Gap & Robert Aarsse

Sorry I can’t be part of the festivities. Time, distance and lack of a black tie, let alone a formal suit, make it impossible. Fond memories of you all but not of Montreal winters. Hope spring will be early. Best wishes. Tieless. shoeless and loving it here in Bali, Malcolm
Malcolm G. Scott Bali MICE Initiative

From: Marion Canute
March 21, 2007 7:59 AM

congratulations & warmest regards

Dear Diana and David,

My thoughts were with you all as you celebrated the Wednesday Night anniversary, and I wanted to send you belated “CONGRATULATIONS” for your wonderful achievement! I am merely one of a multitude of admirers, but let me just say that I praise you both with great praise! You set into motion & have maintained something that´s enriched us all, and at the center you both gleam, periwinkle-bright, with unbeatable warmth and humor.

I am doing alright here in rainy Berlin, as I start getting a little more creative professionally: while you were toasting Wed. Night I was down in Bavaria with a TV camera, filming a wonderful 80-year old woman for a possible radio or TV documentary; something that´s been burbling at the back of my mind for quite awhile… it was good to be back in the journalistic saddle again. There´s also a small chance of doing some environmental reporting in Africa …

Once more, thanks for having so generously included me in Wednesday Night & for having opened hearth & home to me…
Love and hugs, Marion Canute


From: MacsportsVT@aol.com [mailto:MacsportsVT@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 9:14 PM
To: diananicholson@wednesday-night.com
Subject: Re: Wednesday Night marks 25 years of non-stop discussions

Dear Diana and David:
Good heavens how can it be that 25 years have passed so abruptly but then how can it be that we are no longer children or even merely 30-somethings? To think that I shall be 70 this summer, is beyond astonishing. Whereas Diana you are barely??? 50?
Thank you for the delightful invite. On the 7th of March I will be just returning from two weeks at our sister resort, Copper Mountain in Colorado, with 50 ski clients and starting to prepare for another foraging into the wilds of Jay Peak with more clients and shortly thereafter to be followed by a week at Mont Tremblant (March 25 to March 30) with 35 more clients (at the Fairmont, no less). No buses and french fries with ketchup for my people! I thought I was going to do less of this madness this season but it appears not to be so. Until later… yours aye, David (Hoopes)
Administrator and Director, Trailblazer Ski and Snowsports Programs, Stratton Mountain Resort

From: Cleo Paskal [mailto:me@cleopaskal.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 2:37 PM
To: wednesday-night.com
Subject: Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great time! What an amazing milestone. Am lifting a glass for
you here in Mumbai. Love, Cleo

Dear Diana and David:
Please accept my most sincere congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of Wednesday-Night!
It’s an amazing achievement and you should both be very proud of this moment – another 25!
Love, Gerry [G.C. (Gerry) Germain,
President, Genergy Inc]

Hi Diana and David,
Have a wonderful evening. Although Jaime and I cannot appreciate the
full significance of the evening since we just started attending, we
are very thankful that you have chosen to include us. We only wish
that we could attend more often but our busy schedules are not always
cooperative. I do have high hopes that the spring and summer will
usher in a better attendance record on our parts.
In the short time I have attended Wednesday-Nights, the discussion
and people have pushed me to refine my thinking on a large a number
of issues. On some evenings I have found myself agreeing with the
more conservative members of the group while on others I stood in
fierce opposition. I have yet to leave a Wednesday evening without a
deeper understanding of the topics discussed and more importantly a
new appreciation for the opposite viewpoint to mine. My preconceived
ideas have been challenged like never before, forcing me to abandon a
number of them while providing me with a reasoned basis for keeping
the others.
Thank You so much,
Bertrand Revenaz
David and Diana
Wow, 25 years of Wednesday nights — that’s just
fantastic. Congratulations. I’d really like to come, but
seven years of the writing life from a home computer
has left me with just a couple of sweat shirts and
sports pants as the most formal wear in the closet.
But I really would like to come for a visit some other
night soon, so don’t be surprised if I pop up then.
As for a memory, I do remember talking to David one
night in 2000 or thereabouts about stock and real
estate markets. “It’s time to invest in real estate
not stocks,” he said. Boy was he right for the next
three years or so. I’m sure if I had been a visitor in
2003, he would have said “It’s time to invest in
stocks now too.” Now there is another reason to go to
Wednesday Nights — for the great forecasts.
Larry MacDonald_________________________________________________________________Dear Diana
I’ve been scheming every which way for Wednesday Night’s 25th anniversary,
but I’m afraid that I am going to have to get my head out of the sand and admit that I can’t make it. Sorry for letting you know so late; I really wanted to come but it is not a reality. I get some consolation knowing that you are going to have a really wonderful evening. Big hugs to you and David. Love, Melanie (Lauckner)

From: “Margaret Somerville, Dr.”
To: “Wednesday Night 25th Anniversary”
Subject: Thank you.
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 13:11:01 -0500
Dear Diana and David,
Thank you so much for a wonderful party – I’ve heard many positive
comments about what a great evening it was and I add my voice to that
chorus. It’s really a remarkable achievement to have collected such an
interesting, talented and diverse group of people over the last quarter
century – one that spans the change of millennium. Perhaps one day
someone will use your records to write a book or a doctoral thesis
about what you made happen and the legacy you have created. I certainly
hope so.
Again many, many thanks. Fondly, Margo

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