[Robert] Galbraith on patrol

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By Robert J. Galbraith, exclusive to The Suburban  – link is unfortunately dead
Kabul, Afghanistan — This photo essay documents a two-hour patrol by Britain’s Coldstream Guards, in the eastern outskirts of Kabul on Oct. 25.
The patrol of three heavily-armoured and armed Snatch Land Rovers and 15 guardsmen left British Camp Souter to an area known under the code name “Desperado.”
The mission was to show a presence, collect information on possible insurgents, acquaint the soldiers with the region and meet with local tribal leaders to see if they had any specific needs.
Formed in 1650, the guardsmen are the oldest regiment in continuous service in the British Army, and are part of the UK Kabul Patrols No. 1 Company from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards.
They have been holding this demanding mission since the beginning of October and will continue until at least April 2008.
The British are well known for their ability to patrol and carry out missions in the narrow streets and alleyways of Afghan villages and in the city of Basra in the Iraqi theatre. This experience was solidified during their time spent in Northern Ireland during the civil war there. But they are also prepared to join the front line in the south and could be called out at any moment.
The way they perform during such patrols, not wearing helmets but instead cloth berets, exposes them to great danger, but at the same time it sends a clear signal that they are flesh and blood humans, as well as dedicated soldiers.

I would like to thank my colleague, Guido Schmidt for his contribution to this story.

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