Ron Walker launches book on Wurtele Twins – Update

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No Limits, a wonderful story of the Wurtele twins, pioneers on the Canadian ski scene. Conceived by Wednesday Nighter Ron Walker as a gift to his dear friends Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele, and written by Byron Rempel, the book is launched on November 7, 2007. The glowing review by Wednesday Nighter William Weintraub says it all. A great gift for anyone who cares about sports, skiing and the social history of Montreal, it is being sold online at Zeeba

“As a ski reporter for the Montreal Gazette in the 1940s, I watched Rhona and Rhoda win race after race. They were truly phenomenal as they tamed the wildest hills. But I knew nothing of their later lives until I read this book. It led me to further admiration as I learned how the twins overcame many hardships and brought up, between them, seven children, all of whom have had outstanding careers. The book is much more than a chronicle of sporting achievement; with its revealing sidelights it is also a valuable contribution to the social history of Canada in the Twentieth Century:” – William Weintraub.

November 29
Wayne Larsen, The Westmount Examiner
Champions of the slopes
New book chronicles the careers of skiing Wurtele twins
Their story is a fascinating one, filled with challenge and accomplishment, but until now much of it has been preserved only through faded newspaper clippings and old photographs in family albums. But with the aptly titled No Limits, author Byron Rempel has put everything together in a thick, comprehensive book that celebrates the twins’ eventful lives.
In his breezy narrative, generously illustrated by everything from formal photos to posters and publications, Rempel deftly traces the Wurteles’ rise to prominence and chronicles their subsequent lives as the mothers of equally accomplished children.
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  1. Bruce Hollingdrake November 9, 2007 at 7:44 am ·

    Great little blurb. I run Zeeba Books and we have copies of the book ready to be shipped worldwide. Simply give us a call with your credit card number or drop by the shop.
    Zeeba Books 450-672-2662

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