Canada and Quebec in June 2008: On the Cusp

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Following their annual visit to Ottawa, Montreal and points in between, David Jones has again produced an accurate snapshot of the Federal and Québec scenes. We urge everyone to read and reflect upon it.

An expert observer and analyst brings American Diplomacy readers up to date on Canada’s thriving economy, convoluted politics, and evolving foreign and environmental policies as well as on interesting developments within Quebec. Elections may be nigh. — Ed.

Canada and Quebec in June 2008: On the Cusp

As Canadians stand down from parliamentary politics throughout the country and prepare for their all-too-short summer, in many respects it is “the best of times.” Canadian economics on federal and provincial levels would be the envy of virtually any government; the generations-old socio-political tensions between “Canada” and “Quebec” are in remission; and the most challenging foreign affairs concern (military action in Afghanistan) is largely off the stove following Tory-Liberal compromise in February. On the federal level, the parties will be maneuvering throughout the summer in what appears to be the run-up to a fall election. In Quebec the provincial Liberals have regained their “mojo” and may also be contemplating a trip to the polls. Complete article

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