1500 Wednesday Nights – the Remembrance Roll

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There have been 1500 Wednesday Nights (almost 30 years of them) attended by countless individuals. Not all of them signed the guest book, sometimes brought in at the last minute by friends or friends of friends just as the ship’s bell rang to assemble guests to sit either around the long, candle lit dining room table, or in the second tier of ‘backbenches’ (with the overflow through the arch in the adjacent living room). Diana’s ‘little black book’ of invitees has been replaced many times over the years and as happens, some long time devotees fell off the list, moved away, retired or died. Some, especially the international guests, are missing in action (MIA).

The following is an attempt (no doubt incomplete) to pay tribute to a few of the ‘special’ Wednesday Night attendees who cannot be here to celebrate this milestone due to death, distance, ill-health, or just because they have fallen out of touch. Their snail or e-mail addresses no longer work. The telephone numbers are no longer valid. If you happen to read this and you recognize a name and you are or know where the person is, please write to this page (Comments) or email  diananicholson at Wednesdaynight.net, and let her know how you and/or they are doing.

Diana – Keeper of the (Contact) Book
We recognize there are many omissions, so even if your name or that of another isn’t on this list and you want to send along a note and get back in touch, please do so. Diana and David will be delighted to hear from you; especially those marked MIA (missing in action). For there is always room for Wednesday Nighters in the indefatigable Diana’s ever-expanding e-Rolodex.

Betty Ann Affleck, RIP
Hugh Anderson (“Uncle Hughie”) RIP
Karen and Nils Ahrland OWN, MIA
Stanley Baker, RIP
Donald Barwick, RIP
Bea Bazar, RIP
Carl Beigie OWN, RIP
Jean Bourbonnais, RIP
Andrée Beaulieu-Green, RIP
Jacques Clément OWN, MIA
Richard Coughlin, RIP
Misha Crnobrnja, MIA (Good news, we have found him!)
Hugo Facci, RIP
Gary Gallon, RIP
Germaine Gibara, RIP
Peter Glasheen, RIP
Heward Grafftey, RIP
Knut Hammarskjold, MIA
Joe Harrison RIP
Richard J. Kaiser, RIP
Alex Konigsberg, RIP
Harry Mayerovitch OWN, RIP
Michael Oliver, RIP
John Pratt, RIP
John Riley, MIA
Marie-Hélène Sarrazin OWN, RIP
John Schreiber, RIP
Pierre Sévigny, RIP
Robert and Johann Shaw, RIP
Vladimir Slivitzky, RIP
Glay Sperling, RIP
Robert (Bob) Stewart, RIP
André Vecsei, RIP
Eva Vecsei MIA

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