Wednesday Night #1608

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Having issued a double-header invitation for #1607 and #1608, we were surprised by the large turnout for #1607 – no doubt due to the tempting odors of Catherine’s mince pies, while it was evident that on December 26th most people were  either away, or sated with Christmas  cheer of all species – or both.  Thus, the small, convivial group gathered around the fireplace in the living room for relaxed and friendly conversation and discussion.

As 2012 draws to a close, one cannot help but reflect on the events of the year and the nature of the creature pompously self-named homo sapiens, the only creature that kills its genetic siblings for self-aggrandizement rather than for food.

The tragedy of hatred and wanton killing of first cousins in the Middle East gives cause for reflection on the accuracy of the Latin title given to humans.

The avarice of those in North America as elsewhere, who take on a leadership role more through self-interest than for the public good, creating a popular cause that has, on reflection, little merit other than self-interest.  The invocation of the Deity who, if one is genuinely religious, to mistreat, torture and/or kill those who worship Him in a different manner, all in the unstated but evident attempt, by giving the illusion of raising oneself by debasing others, is probably the greatest sin of all.  It is to be hoped that as 2012 comes to an end, homo sapiens will live up to the title he has given himself and will learn to live in peace and harmony with his genetic family.

Infinity of time and space is a concept difficult for humans to grasp and so each of the various world cultures has designated a beginning and end of the repetitious planet’s cycle.  Ignoring the continuity of nature, we reflect on the cycle coming to its designated end share our fears, hopes and dreams as the planet endlessly follows its predetermined path around the sun.

The seamless, predictable nature of the event becomes more evident as the final page of the calendar is discarded and what has been feared but predictably obvious is that the fiscal cliff falls more into the category of scary ghost stories than of disasters.  This is reflected in the predictions of  Wednesday Night`s resident maven, e.g. the stock market will continue its upward trend until the end of the first quarter of 2013, marking the end of the fourth year in a bull market.

There is little else of a serious nature that the smaller, more intimate, post-Christmas Wednesday night group was prepared to discuss, as we await what  fate has in store for us in what it is to be hoped will be a wonderful New Year.


WN has successfully survived the 12-12-12 phenomenon and indeed enjoyed spirited conversation about the fiscal cliff, politics at home and abroad and assorted other topics.

While the 19th could be the last WN ever, if the apocalypsians (sounds like a Caribbean steel band) are to be believed; we prefer the view of Professor Lorenzo DiTommaso of Concordia and will join in asking What will You be Doing on December 21st?

Many are leaving for holidays in warmer climes, or are preparing to welcome family members from away, but for all who are in the neighbourhood, the doors are open for Wednesday Night #1607 on the 19th and #1608 on the 26th of December (provided we do not succumb to the Mayan prophecy*) – the last two Wednesday Nights of 2012. And, in accordance with a fine tradition, #1607 will be Catherine Gillbert’s mince pie night. For those who are away, or otherwise engaged in one or more of the numerous seasonal social activities on offer, we extend our warm and affectionate greetings and wishes for the happiest of whatever it is you choose to celebrate.  More

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