Wednesday Night #1790 on the eve of Brexit

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Most observers are saying it is too close to call and the BBC backs them up EU referendum poll tracker but according to the bookies “A vote to stay in Europe remains odds on with the bookies. After drifting last week in the wake of three polls showing a lead for Leave in one day of poll results, the odds have hardened again.”

As there isn’t anything we can do to influence the outcome of Thursday’s vote and just about every argument has been presented, argued and rehashed, we opt for the following literary gems:


Frank McDonald
’Twas brexit and the merkyl foes
Did corbinate ’gainst lyb and labe.
All quipsy were the borisgoves
And the eukalips outgrabe.
He took his spressie sword in hand;
Longtime with brussel brouts he fought;
On refugees by the kalaytrees
He snirked in puffish plot.
And hast though slain the Kamberon?
O brexit joy, O gabrous gains!
For now we’ll close the chunni gate
And screep the euric chains.
’Twas brexit and the merkyl moaned
In tadish tant and uffish shout,
And while the Osbo grieved his loss
The flabrous brits danced out.

W.J. Webster
Jiggery pokery,
Inners and outers;
Mirrors and smokery,
Shouters and doubters.

Numbery dumbery,
Pick-your-own figures;
Zeroey summery,
Fudgers and riggers.

Puffery addery,
Texters and posters;
Battlebus gaddery,
Shysters and showsters.

Batey debatery,
Dingers and dongers;
Oh so light-weightery
Pingers and pongers.

D.A. Prince
The Eeyore reefer-rending woes
are multiplicious: neither toes
nor fingers will suffice to clot
this tarradiddliwobbly plot.
What rancid govishness, what bosh
of boorish doodle-dribbled tosh
can madify this horrifee
beyond the shores of Parody?
But Eeyorins are muffly too,
not compomens (like me, like you)
and not the sortlish commeel types
we’d want as chattipalli types.
We haver, luffish, feary-brink,
a blobblish floteabit or sink;
no votely folk would think to bless
the Prome who uprearraised this mess.

Brian Allgar
Said the Loris to the Bhorris: ‘Shall we dance a
      manic Morris
As we vote ‘Remain’ in Britain’s Referendum?’
‘No!’ the Bhorris told the Loris. ‘Shakespeare
      said — or was it Horace? —
Seas of troubles come from Europe, so let’s end ’em.’

Then the Farridge drove his carriage through the
      bureaucratic marriage
Crying ‘Europe’s laws are broke, no way to mend
I disparage such imparage,’ yelped the rabid,
      ranting Farridge.
‘Crooked treaties! Let us rip ’em up and rend ’em!’

But the Oyster grimly voiced a catastrophic fear:
      ‘You’d foist a
Dreadful fate upon the British, for you’d send ’em
As you roister,’ said the Oyster, ‘to a pauper’s cell
      or cloister,
With your witless chant: EUROPA EST

Well, the Hatter found this chatter such a deep,
      perplexing matter
That he wrote some letters, but forgot he’d
      penned ’em,
And the clatter of the platter of the tea-preparing
Woke the sleepy Doormouse: ‘What’s a

G.M. Southgate
The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might.
‘Whatever we decide,’ Fred said,
‘WE may not get things right.
We’re standing on the Dover cliff,
Debating what to do,
One half says ‘Leave’ and one ‘Remain’
One’s me, and one is you!’
Then four young voters hurried up,
All keen to make their case,
Two screamed, ‘let’s stay!’ two shrieked, ‘lets go!’
Fred cried ‘Oh, give me space!’
Then Mabel said, ‘I’ve come to earth,
In fact I felt the bump —
We’ve got to take some sort of stand:
Let’s all hold hands, and jump!’


If you are worn out by BREXIT fare (but before you abandon the topic, do see Cleo Paskal’s piece in The Guardian Hard times ahead for European Union ),  there are, believe it or not, other things happening in the world.

You can worry about Brazil’s  financial markets ;  China’s designs on most if not all of the islands and navigational channels of the China Seas ; the rank stupidity (venality?) of the U.S. Senate (49 Dead in Orlando Massacre Not Enough to Move the Senate on Guns) ; the plight of  Venezuela: and on a more optimistic note, Word on the Street: Political Change in Israel.

Locally, we must note the controversial move by the City of Montreal to re-name Outremont’s Parc Vimy.

Whatever your interest, do come and join us!



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