Wednesday Night #2040 with Marlene Jennings

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We are very pleased that QCGN president Marlene Jennings will join us tonight in the wake of Tuesday’s  Superior Court ruling on  Bill 21
Quebec Superior Court upholds religious symbols ban, but English-language schools exempt
Marlene has had a full plate since her election last November, working with QCGN and Anglo institutions to defend minority rights including the challenge to Bill 40, impending changes to Bill 101, revisions to the federal Official Languages Act and limitation of admissions to CEGEPs. And just in case you are not convinced of the importance of CEGEP programs: John Abbott College nursing program graduate vaccinates Joe Biden (The shot that was seen around the world?)
See more Québec 2020-
And now this:
Quebec court decision on Bill 21 poses a conundrum for Justin Trudeau – Once supportive of a court challenge, prime minister now faces re-election concerns

There have been so many newsworthy and discussion-worthy events this week that it is impossible to do more than cite headlines and a line or two of explanation without attempting to weave a coherent narrative.

THE story of the last 24 hours has, of course been Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd. While many in the U.S. and beyond its borders breathed a deep sigh of relief, there is much more to come. The sentencing could send mixed messages Chauvin received three guilty verdicts for one crime. Here’s why and what it means for his sentence.. The issue of police reform will dominate concerns at municipal, state and federal levels for months, likely years, to come. And not only in the U.S., but closer to home
As always, Heather Cox Richardson April 20, 2021 traces the historical context
“After 1877, certain white men in the American South could commit crimes with impunity, doing whatever they wished to the rest of us, because the region had become a one-party state.
In 2021, once again, certain people in our government and law enforcement would like to exercise the political dominance of a one-party state and the power that comes with it, this time on a national scale.”

Cleo Paskal expects to be with us tonight. Do check out her recent appearance What Happens If China Takes Over the World? on China Unscripted and see more on China geopolitical strategy June 2020– Reuters published a related piece EU sets out Indo-Pacific plan, says it’s not ‘anti-China’

How did it come to this?
Justin Ling: We are here because politicians have ignored the core facts of the COVID-19 virus and the main strategies that will clearly fight the pandemic
While Canada‘s not coping well with Covid, the news from India is beyond awful. Many have blamed politicians for allowing superspreader events such as mass religious gatherings and election rallies to take place. Our friend C. Uday Bhaskar writes: How India’s coronavirus trauma is being made worse by vaccine challenges and feckless decisions

From Russia with no love.
‘Unprovoked escalation’: US slams Russian plan to block Black Sea
US state department says the move is part of ongoing campaign to destabilise Ukraine amid Russian troop build-up in the region.
BBC’s comprehensive round-up of Wednesday news.

We will leave discussion of the Federal Budget for next week, giving our economic gurus adequate time to digest the implications and hidden surprises of the spending plan that includes more than $101B to kickstart post-pandemic economy
Highlights of budget 2021: Billions for green economic growth, healthier Indigenous communities

Steve Paikin’s glowing tribute: Stephen Lewis is fighting for his life
This country’s greatest political orator is battling abdominal cancer as he continues to fight for causes near and dear to his heart

REMINDER Earth Day 22 April 2021 – Take Care Of The Planet
Biden readies ambitious pitch to make the U.S. the global climate leader
The two-day Climate Leaders Summit represents the return of the U.S. to the climate diplomacy it abandoned under President Donald Trump, and Biden is eager to demonstrate his resolve by laying out an aggressive set of targets that will move the country closer to the goals set by the European Union — and try to set the pace for nations like China and India to follow.The two-day Climate Leaders Summit represents the return of the U.S. to the climate diplomacy it abandoned under President Donald Trump, and Biden is eager to demonstrate his resolve by laying out an aggressive set of targets that will move the country closer to the goals set by the European Union — and try to set the pace for nations like China and India to follow.
Joe Biden to host Earth Day climate Summit; how to watch it online, who is attending
Biden Will Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Nearly in Half
The president will commit the United States to deep cuts in emissions at an Earth Day summit meeting that starts on Thursday, according to people familiar with the plan.
EU reaches major climate deal ahead of Biden climate summit
The European Union has reached a tentative climate deal to put the 27-nation bloc on a path to being “climate neutral” by 2050, with member states and parliament agreeing on binding targets for carbon emissions on the eve of a virtual summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden.
How to meet the ambitious target of conserving 30 per cent of Earth by 2030
Canada  has a new conservation goal called 30 by 30, which aims to conserve at least 30 per cent of the nation’s lands and waters by 2030. Meeting this ambitious goal would mean roughly doubling Canada’s protected area. Doing this right means that new protected areas must conserve biodiversity and safeguard areas that store carbon, provide freshwater or are key areas for nature-based recreation.

Diana Bruno is one of the 61 artists participating in the Women’s Art Society of Montreal (WASM) 126th annual juried art show & sale this week:
For details and links see

Congratulations to Carolina Gallo, a 2021 Clean50 Honouree

Long reads/videos
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: The Resurgence and Importance of Email Newsletters
What Happens If China Takes Over the World?
The Chinese Communist Party is forging ahead with a plan for world domination. But can the Quad, an alliance of the US, Japan, Australia, and India, save the Indo Pacific and the rest of the world from an authoritarian nightmare? Joining us on this China Unscripted is Cleo Paskal
Chatham House Report: Indo-Pacific strategies, perceptions and partnerships: The view from seven countries By Cleo Paskal
COVID-19 has worsened a shaky rule of law environment
In response, societies are beginning to acknowledge and tackle the deep structural inequities of current economic and rule of law conditions. The next WJP Rule of Law Index, to be released by October 2021, will provide additional data to help inform unions, activists, governments and the private sector on what priorities need attention and resources as we build a more just recovery from the pandemic.

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