John Ciaccia OWN: Health Update

From Paula Pedicelli

August 28th, John was in Quebec City being interviewed live in the National Assembly for “Memoirs” of his career to be aired on TV.
Prior and during the interview John’s blood pressure must have risen quite high which caused his aorta to rupture in half. Fortunately, he got immediate medical attention
which saved his life. He was taken to Hotel Dieu Hospital and when they realized how grave the situation was – he was transferred to Hôpital Laval – where Dr. Francois Dagenais – a valve specialist operated on him.
We were both so impressed with Dr. Dagenais’ surgical skills which are miraculous (all doctors that have heard of John’s
surgery could not believe he is still alive).
Eleven days of agony – in the intensive care with tubes coming out of every orifice. Pretty scary stuff. After two full weeks in the hospital, I took John back home where is now.
He has had to learn how to walk again – he is very feeble – has difficulty breathing in bed – so he has been sleeping on an armchair. He is walking better – his appetite is slowly coming back.
He needs and will need close medical attention and follow up from now on and thanks to Donat Taddeo he has seen Dr. Jacques Genest, Chief of Cardiology at RV Hospital. He was incredibly efficient which was reassuring. John is seeing him again next week for another battery of tests.
He is still not strong enough to see anyone for any period of time – but he would probably love to hear from some of his friends. It would also be good for him to know people care.

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  1. Diana Thébaud Nicholson October 8, 2007 at 9:32 am ·

    Thank you for including us on your list of those notified. We have greatly appreciated our meetings and visits with John; we regard him as an incredibly insightful observer of Quebec and Canadian life.
    John’s survival is a modern miracle–medicine at its very best. One can only hope that recovery, regardless of how protracted, will be sufficient for him to enjoy life.
    We will be writing to him separately.
    Terry & David Jones

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