West Wing of Wednesday Night #4

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The “Wednesday Night Salon” series – west coast edition is going for its fourth iteration! And now that summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, let’s celebrate all things witty, jazzy and frivolous!

We’ll absolutely have to spend some time on Caribbean affairs – Cuba post-Castro, Haiti-post disaster, national health insurance for all in Turks and Caicos… and then move on to latin American world – from the future of NAFTA to the International AIDS conference in Mexico to the freeing of Ingrid Betancourt to Chavez – there is lots to explore! Also would love to spend a few minutes on the question of notable celebrations and civic pride – Canada’s 141st, BC’s 150th, la Ville de Quebec’s 400th etc – how are they handled, what works and what needs to change… as well as summer festivals – be it music, arts or tall ships – and analyze the intricacies of fora, crowds, street performances and city life.

Of course, one never knows where the conversation goes, we may cover all or none, as you will all have things you are currently involved in or interested in that you will bring to the roundtable!

Please RSVP – If you can’t make it this time, keep in mind Wednesday August 13th as the next iteration (I am trying to hit the second Wednesday of each month)! And if you already have someone else in mind who you would like to bring along, please let me know.

Alexandra (and husband James)

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  1. b April 20, 2009 at 11:23 pm ·

    i think the best celebration this summer will be the tall ships returning to Canada during the ‘Atlantic Challenge 2009’! Should be an amazing spectacle.

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