Brexit walk off the cliff
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After the Brexit vote

Yes, Minister brilliant reprise Yes Minister Brexit special – Sir Humphrey explains all Sir Humphrey explains British foreign policy U.K. in 2016   Theresa May faces likely defeat in Lords over rights of EU citizens Peers […]

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Media Matters 2017

Media Matters 2016 The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy Trump Is Making Journalism Great Again A More Detailed Guide to Dealing With Trump’s Lies How to Manipulate Donald Trump “If you don’t read […]

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Trump Presidency & Immigration

Full Executive Order Text: Trump’s Action Limiting Refugees Into the U.S. President Trump signed an executive order on Friday titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” Following is the language of […]

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ISIS/ISIL/DAESH 2015 CTV Montreal: ISIS – will the threat grow? Kyle Matthews of the Montreal Institue for Genocide and Human Rights Studies weighs in on the ISIS threat in a chat with Paul Karwatsky. Al Jazeera: […]

social media word cloud
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Social media, society and technology 2016

17 Things You Were Doing on the Computer in 2001 (and aren’t doing any more) Artificial intelligence could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. We’re completely unprepared for the societal changes that are coming. Will Democracy […]

Conservative Party logo
Canada’s Conservatives post 2015 Election
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7 December 2016 Conservative leadership candidates who shouldn’t be named Scott Gilmore on the contenders, the clones ...
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Wednesday Night #1825
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Before getting to the major and unavoidable topic, a few other items for your consideration. As the crisis in North Kore ...
Trump administration: U.S. Economy
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Missing: Donald Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan (NYT) Which of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises wou ...
U.S.: Environment & energy
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Scott Pruitt Will Make America Great Again — For Polluters President Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Pr ...