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SCOTUS and the US courts 2017-18

Supreme Court of the United States It’s time for term limits for Supreme Court justices (Vox) Unlike every other democracy in the world, the US has lifetime appointments for the Supreme Court. This means that whoever […]

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China geopolitical strategy

See also China Seas Quartz: China in Africa 14 September China’s Belt and Roller Coaster Xi risks losing control of Beijing’s sprawling strategic investment drive (Nikkei Asia Review) The BRI’s highs came early and have been […]

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Expo 67

Impressions of Expo 67  – NFB’s iconic short film A treasure chest with links to the CBC archives ARCHIVES DE RADIO-CANADA Société du Parc Jean-Drapeau CBC Archives: Expo 67 — Montreal Welcomes the World In Search […]

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North Korea 2018

See North Korea 2017 2018 Olympics Pyeongchang Randy Rainbow:How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea? Simon Tisdall: Trump is dangerous again as his Kim Jong-un ‘breakthrough’ turns sour Faced by the collapse of his only […]

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The Russia probe

See also: Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel 14 September Paul Manafort’s Cooperation With Mueller Is the Biggest Blow Yet to Trump The president and his former campaign chairman have spent months sharing information about the Russia […]

Canada International Relations – Trade 2017-2018
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Canada-U.S. 2015-17 NAFTA Negotiations Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and after NAFTA Three Amigos 17 September Tories ...
Wednesday Night #1906
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A couple of days ago I ran into an old friend and neighbour whom I had not seen for some months. As we were both waiting ...
WTO 2012-2018
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World Trade Organization (WTO) WTO News on Wednesday-night.com UNDERSTANDING THE WTO: BASICS The GATT years: from Havana ...
Climate change, uncertainty & security 2017 – 2018
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U.S. $23 trillion will be lost if temperatures rise four degrees by 2100 (Phys.org) Imagine something similar to the Gre ...