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Terrorism 2013-14

A somewhat biased view, perhaps, but none the less horrific. Musa al-Gharbi: There are groups more depraved than ISIL Does the West care about ISIL’s specific crimes or is it mostly outraged that Muslims are committing […]

Bospherus Bridge
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Turkey 2012 – 2014

David vs. David:  Turkey in the crosshairs: David Kilgour: Kurds from Iraq, Syria and Turkey should unite to fight ISIS on the ground vs David Jones: The U.S. must mobilize and strike regardless of Turkey’s stance […]

Middle East region
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Middle East & Arab World in 2013 – 2014

Alastair Crooke You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia Why should we be surprised then, that from Prince Bandar’s Saudi-Western mandate to manage the insurgency in Syria against […]

Ukraine map
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Ukraine 2014

The Guardian Ukraine BBC World News Ukraine crisis Reuters World News Russia CIA World Factbook: Ukraine See also Russia in 2014 David (Jones): Crisis in Ukraine: Splitting Ukraine could prove the best solution vs David Kilgour: […]

EU countries flags
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Europe & EU 2014

The European EU Observer New School of Athens (NSoA) Ukraine Watch as 1000 years of European borders change Swedish ‘Cold War’ thriller exposes Baltic Sea nerves over Russia (Reuters) Growing tensions since the Ukraine crisis have […]

Quebec flag on map
Quebec post 2014 elections
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Editorial: Bill 10 would be ‘catastrophic’ for English-speaking Quebecers Testifying before a committee of  ...
Wednesday Night logo
Wednesday Night #1704
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A lively evening which unexpectedly focused on the climate refugees reference rather than the greater issue of the waves ...
Rio de Janeiro
Brazil 2013 – 2014
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Brazil’s presidential election — A riven country In the absence of fully fledged structural reform, Brazil w ...
climate change 2
Climate Change and Security
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Mark Carney: most fossil fuel reserves can’t be burned Bank of England governor lends his support to ‘carbon bub ...