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The Russia probe

See also: Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel Documentary filmmaker says Trump started taking Russian money after “series of bankruptcies” Jack Bryan said the Russian mob first “made their move” in 2002 once Trump had been cut […]

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Trump administration & Immigration 2018

Trump administration & Immigration 2017 How Family Reunification Actually Works at the Border An immigration lawyer outlines the logistical challenges of bringing together detained parents and kids, and why families reunited at the border still face […]

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China geopolitical strategy

See also China Seas Quartz: China in Africa Simon Baptist, The Economist: China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which seeks to develop hard and soft infrastructure supporting trade between China and other nations, is one of […]

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Trump & Trade 2018

In Maine and Eastern Canada, unintended consequences of Trump’s trade war on display The lobster industry in the US is feeling the tariff pinch, but America’s loss is Canada’s gain, as Andrew Cohen reports from the […]

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Social media, society and technology 2017 –

Americans are now spending 11 hours each day consuming media (Quartz) Americans now spend most of their waking hours watching TV, listening to music, using apps on their smartphones, or otherwise consuming media, a new study […]

Saudi Arabia – Canada international relations 2018
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Saudi Arabia-Canada spat: What we know so far 11-14 August (Globe & Mail “We continue to engage diplomatically, bu ...
Wednesday Night #1901
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As  we enter the 20th century of Wednesday Nights, and prepare for Peter Berezin’s return on Wednesday, August 22 ...
Global Economy & Globalization 2018
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International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) The example is Australian, but the topic is universal ...
U.S.: Environment & energy 2018
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U.S.: Environment & energy 2017 At ‘America First Energy Conference’, solar power is dumb, climate chang ...