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Media Matters 2015-16

Ryerson Review of Journalism Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications Time for Change: The CBC/Radio-Canada in the Twenty-first Century (July 2015) “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read […]

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Terrorism 2016

Ban: Fight terrorism while respecting human rights Preventing terrorism requires “full respect for human rights,” as well as proper governance, lawfulness, education and jobs, said Ban Ki-moon, United Nations secretary-general. Ban presented his report on terrorism […]

Middle East region
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Middle East & Arab World

Brookings Middle East and North Africa Carnegie Council: Perspectives from Inside a Tumultuous Middle East: Syria-Iraq-ISIS-Russia and Iran Foreign Policy: Forget Sykes-Picot. It’s the Treaty of Sèvres That Explains the Modern Middle East. Ninety-five years ago […]

world economy
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Global Economy 2016

Global Economy 2015 The Fourth Industrial Revolution — What It Means and How to Respond By Klaus Schwab (Foreign Affairs) We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we […]

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Middle East & Arab World – Saudi Arabia

And now this! Chess forbidden in Islam, rules Saudi mufti, but issue not black and white Game likely to take on status of minor vices such as music after Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh says it encourages gambling […]

Canada international relations
Canada: International relations and foreign policy post October 2015
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See also: UN Conference on climate change COP21 Paris Canada – U.S. 2013 – 2015 Canada International Relations – T ...
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Wednesday Night #1771
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Happy Chinese New Year 2016! The Year of the [Red] Monkey kicks off around the world According to Chinese Five Elements ...
world economy
Global Economy 2016
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Global Economy 2015 The Fourth Industrial Revolution — What It Means and How to Respond By Klaus Schwab (Foreign A ...